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This photo is not from Jan 5

Posted this morning:


This photo of Rep @laurenboebert is being circulated by widely-followed accounts claiming some in the photo are Capitol insurrectionists and that Boebert gave them a tour the day before. I’ve seen no evidence to back that up. This photo is from Dec 2019 in Denver. #9News
Per @emaulbetsch of @COTimesRecorder, whose article includes the photo, it’s from a right-wing extremist rally at the Colorado State Capitol in Dec 2019 where @laurenboebert appeared with the Three Percenters, an anti-government militia, and @PatrickForCO.


Original tweet posted by Kyle Clark, employee of 9 News Denver

It's obvious Lauren Boebert is deeply involved with RW extremists, she is dangerous, and she appears to be involved in what happened Jan 6 at the Capitol. Whether she is the one who conducted the 'tours' is unknown, and this particular photo is unrelated. I have no doubt we're going to find out that Boebert was in it up to her neck, but it's important to keep the facts straight.

eta - Apologies for the shout, but it's a long thread. Also not aimed specifically at you, Kingofalldems. The photo and speculation have been circulating a lot since last night, so they is a fair amount of confusion surrounding it.

eta2 - removed shout. It was rude.

I think you're spot on.

Any Republicans thinking they can turn back the clock just by kicking trump to the curb are fooling themselves. By the time the investigations are over, the level of involvement by Congressional Republicans in the Capitol attack alone will be the death knell. The Republican party is finished, and just in time. They've been slowly tearing the country apart for decades.

It is understandably daunting to consider contacting the FBI personally,

but for anyone who does want to provide tips:

https://www.fbi.gov/tips (info page with online links, phone numbers, etc.)

https://fbi.gov/USCapitol (tip link shown on FBI Twitter posts regarding Capitol attack)

The FBI is not accepting tips from Twitter communications. Do not assume they are monitoring and will follow up on an @FBI tag. They have specifically stated that they will not respond to Twitter and request that tips be turned in by other means shown above.

Good to hear Congressional members are putting pressure on the issue.

I hope the airlines get on this. Just do it. I'm not a fan of the no-fly list overall, but right now we really do need it. Airbnb sounds a little over optimistic about their ability to control things, but good luck to them.

I did hear about the reaction in DC neighborhoods. I feel for them. This video is a gem:


Edit to add text for deaf DU members and non-Twitter folks below. Language alert. Lot o' cussin'.

Man on porch: Get outta town! Fucking treasonous pieces of shit! (distant obnoxious horn honking)

Woman in car: I know. They really destroyed our city.

MOP: They destroyed the fucking city and it's like nobody gives a shit. If that was Black Lives Matter, they'd have tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue, but they let these fucking crackers take over the goddamn Capitol.

WIC: It's true.

MOP: What the fuck is that?

WIC: It makes me teary-eyed.

MOP: (unintelligible)

WIC: Yeah, if it was Black Lives Matter, we couldn't even do none of that or we'd die.

I'm from GA and 'fucking crackers' still just busts me up because it's so true. What a sweet moment of community togetherness there. Love to both of these wonderful people.

This is so upsetting.

Of all the security agencies, the Secret Service is the one branch I've always felt was rock solid. It has always been a given that they are utterly professional, regardless of the party of the president, and that they would do any and all things necessary to protect the person in office to the best of their ability. It has never occurred to me to question their loyalty -- until now.

Everything trump touches dies.

Yep. That, and perhaps as a reaction to having his nomination withdrawn.

The nomination wasn't going anywhere, but trump withdrew it anyway with only days to go, which likely stung. Regardless, what a petulant, selfish, and irresponsible move on Wolf's part.


President Donald Trump has withdrawn his nomination of Chad Wolf to head the Department of Homeland Security, the White House announced Thursday.

The move from the president comes less than three hours after Wolf, who is the acting DHS secretary, urged Trump to “strongly condemn the violence” that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, calling the events “tragic and sickening.” [snip]

The White House denied that the withdrawal was linked to Wolf’s response to the unrest. [snip]

The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment. In his statement Thursday, Wolf said he would stay at the department through the end of the term.

And yet he is leaving anyway. Such integrity and courage in the face of adversity.

Agreed! It's highly likely Pelosi is making it plain that communication she's received

regarding Amdt14.S3.1 (Disqualification from Holding Office) does not address the actions of the president alone. Given how many of the representatives in both the House and the Senate were in imminent danger, and given the obvious involvement of some members, it's not surprising.



Thanks for that.

Glossed over in the interview is that Pelosi's laptop was stolen. Pelosi also plainly states that the search for her was no whim of the mob.

The evidence is now that it was a well planned, organized group with leadership and guidance.

Neither Pelosi nor any of the Democrats in Congress are under any illusions at this point. Good. Go get the people responsible, find those who provided plans and guidance, and bring them to justice.

I sometimes have issues with Arnold. My opinions of him may be a mixed bag, but

I have to say this was a surprisingly moving and powerful statement from him. I do think he was sincere, and I greatly appreciate that he made this. I hope more will follow his lead and speak out.

Another reason for impeaching him anyway, and seeking Senate conviction

is that this man has committed a crime against the country so grave that merely removing him from office is not enough. There were far too many orchestrated elements involved in the events that transpired, far too many high echelon moving parts that did not move as they should have. The level of outright disloyalty displayed by trump and all others involved will require massive investigations and legal repercussions. Heavy repercussions. I know, I know. "He gets away with everything. He'll walk away." Not this time. Not for this. It will be a kindness if he spends the rest of his life in jail.
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