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Hometown: Georgia
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I think it's a great idea.

So what if the election is in a few months? Those are key months that could be used to turn the tide on COVID if DonnyDumDum got out of the way. So what if prevailing opinion is that he won't actually resign? That doesn't mean we should muzzle ourselves. More and more news columns are expressing a desire for him to resign.


There is no reason citizens shouldn't do the same, in fact, more people should. The ways thing are going now, there should be a loud, resounding "RESIGN!" chorus all over social media. It's strange that there is not.

Let 'er rip.

Besides, it will bug the heck out of the little twerp. I'm all for that.

If you can draw a direct line from the faked graph to the reopening of the state

to the inevitable deaths, somebody should have lot of lawsuits coming his way. I know it sounds quaint in this day and age, but given the stakes maybe an ethics charge, or I dunno, a criminal charge might be in order too. Kemp straight up lied to people, and some of them will die. It's not right for him to be able to shrug and walk away free of responsibility for that.

True. One of the responses would make him very upset as well...

Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
Trump would also hate to see this (from June 2016) about the national stockpile!

npr article w/image of rows of packed shelves

Great tweet!

Ann Johnson

Senator John Cornyn can vote by mail - why can't you?

We must protect Texans' constitutional right to vote - and preserve the integrity of our elections. Individuals must be allowed the opportunity to #VoteByMail2020.


That was well worth the read for the prose alone.

The condemnation of Gaetz was superb! Gaetz' opponent is Phil Ehr, introduced to DU here:


IKR? Does Azar realize he said this out loud?

"Yeah, it might do nothing, it might kill ya, but by gum we're gonna have a vaccine in time for the election!"

I feel like we live in wacky world now.

I love all of them anyway,

but I love them even more for speaking out on behalf of themselves and all of the citizens who want to vote, but don't feel they should have to risk death to do it.

The incomparable Rita Moreno:


Mitch - (202) 224-2541

What I'm getting from these politicians is that

it's not their children who would be sitting in a classroom petri dish all day, exposing all of the adults around them, not their kids who will bring those germs home to them and all of their family and all whom they come into contact with, not their kids who will make it impossible for anyone with compromised immunity to shelter in place if they share a home with children, and not their kids who might be in the small percentage who will die if they come down with this illness. These are all other people's kids they are talking about as though they are abstract ideas, not living, breathing people.

There are children who, if they stay home from school, will live. If they go to school, some will die.

Parents who find their kids so inconvenient, who so want their kids out of the house for a while that they are willing to take the chance of letting them die are complete ciphers to me. Of course everybody wants their kids back in school, but let's have that school experience be safe for them. Right now, it is not safe.

When I was a kid no one supervised us for the majority of the day spent out of school. I walked into an unlocked house in the afternoon and had a snack, grabbed the bike and ran around the neighborhood and surrounding woods getting into all sorts of things I shouldn't have. Luckily, there were tetanus shots to make sure random scrapes and rusty nails didn't kill me, and every other vaccination I needed, I had. If you think the eighties were a free for all for kids, the sixties put that in the shade. We didn't even have seat belts. *waves cane*

Today no one would think of leaving the doors unlocked, just as we wouldn't think of having unprotected sex in an era of AIDS, as a society we are a little more wary of the sad fact of kidnappings, and we don't send kids to school without all of their vaccinations.

There is no vaccine for COVID-19. There isn't even an overarching prescribed treatment for the virus right now, because it isn't fully understood yet. Keeping kids home from school during a pandemic isn't "sheltering them from everything in the world," it's just exercising common sense so they don't get needlessly killed.

Nope. I still have that scar from the smallpox vaccination I received in 1968.

I distinctly remember the "Jet injector" gun used to administer it.


AFAIK, the polio vaccine was oral. I don't remember receiving it, but I know that I must have. Had there been an injector gun involved, maybe I would have remembered it too.

eta - to my original point, any vaccination talks should involve a mass vaccination program and not just in the US. The WHO managed to coordinate and perform a worldwide program that eradicated smallpox. With a pandemic like COVID-19, if a vaccine is developed, it's going to take a similar effort for that vaccine to work in eradicating the disease.

eta2 - given the problems with them since AIDS arrived, injector guns are not at all likely to be used.

In a nutshell, how dare the FBI investigate Flynn?

What is 'Obamagate'? 3 things to know about Trump's latest fixation


Amid the chaos, the president coined the term “OBAMAGATE,” which appears to be a repackaging of his belief that his predecessor, Barack Obama, was privy to — or directed — a grand conspiracy among US intelligence officials to kneecap the Trump presidency in its nascence by using the FBI to entrap certain incoming Trump advisers such as erstwhile national security adviser Michael Flynn.

https://twitter.com/Acyn/status/1260050135175753730 (glorious takedown of the nonsense. well worth watching.)

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