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Gender: Female
Hometown: Georgia
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 21,539

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Were mass vaccinations discussed at all?

I have a childhood recollection of every student being lined up in the hallway while a nurse with a smallpox vaccine gun went down the line grabbing arm after arm *bzzt* and after a couple of hours the entire school was vaccinated. Lather, rinse, repeat nationwide. Eventually, just about everyone in the US (and the world, thanks to the WHO) during the 1960s & early 1970s got a nifty scar on their upper left arm. It worked. Smallpox is gone.

If a good vaccine is developed, expecting people to trickle into doctor's offices and pay varying fees is silly. The only way to conquer this thing would be to line up everybody and give it a go, paid for with our taxes. This is one of those things taxes are for after all.

Anti-vaxxers can take their chances, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a fair number of them change their tune by the time (if ever) a successful vaccine rolls around.


Good news.

Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec said Monday that it is "assessing all of the evidence to determine whether federal hate crimes charges are appropriate."

"In addition, we are considering the request of the Attorney General of Georgia and have asked that he forward to federal authorities any information that he has about the handling of the investigation. We will continue to assess all information, and we will take any appropriate action that is warranted by the facts and the law," she said.

As NPR has reported, Georgia, along with Arkansas, South Carolina and Wyoming, are the only states that do not have hate crime laws and also don't require officials to collect data on such crimes, according to the DOJ.

Well, it's interesting that there are possible federal charges. Given my state is lame enough to have no hate crime laws, here's hoping the feds pick up the slack. Given who's heading the DOJ these days, it's a tossup as to whether they will take action or not.

Smart. Good for Braskem.

There's absolutely no reason at all to allow trump and his entourage to contaminate a factory that has worked so hard to keep its workers healthy and to keep its facility clean.

Why are there stricter standards for interior dining

than there are for flying? If it isn't safe to sit in restaurant for an hour, there's no way it's safe to sit in a full plane. No one is trying to shut down airlines for operating, much less operating in an unsafe manner. Why is that? /s

Selfish and shortsighted in the extreme.

You kill the minors, you've knocked big part of the foundation out from under your cash cow. The impact might take a couple of years to be felt in full, but it will be bad news in the end. It's about the game. You need the farm team/minor league experience to give a lot of the players coming up some time to develop before hitting the bigs. Bean counters are forgetting that without a good game with good players, you don't make the money. Not smart.

Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Elise Stefanik, et al have passed their loyalty tests.

For now.

So it appears Tara told a cover story to her family and friends when she lost her Senate job.

They may be telling what they think is the truth after all, but they've been repeating her lies. Biden and co did Tara a favor at the time by keeping quiet, and they've continued to take the high road since. They knew somebody was going to uncover it eventually, and it would be better to let that happen naturally. They were right. It's all about to come down hard around Tara Reade. Great find, Laura.

The White House is its own little biome.

I do feel bad for the regular staff. trump's refusal to deal with the virus responsibly is not their fault. I am uncomfortable with actively wishing for someone else to come down with this thing, but I will say that for trump and the toadies he surrounds himself with -- it's about to get interesting.

"A Lynch Mob": After Months of Inaction, 2 White Men Are Charged with Murder of Ahmaud Arbery in GA

The following is snippets of an article containing an Amy Goodman interview with Benjamin Crump. The interview is definitely worth reading in full.

The two white men caught on camera shooting and killing Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed 25-year-old African American man, were arrested and charged Thursday with murder. The arrests came two days after video of the attack in February was shared with the public, sparking widespread outrage. Today would have been Arbery’s 26th birthday. We speak with civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents the Arbery family and formerly represented Trayvon Martin. [snip]

AMY GOODMAN: The disturbing video that emerged Tuesday shows Ahmaud Arbery jogging down a narrow road in Brunswick, Georgia, in broad daylight, when he’s confronted by the two armed men. As Arbery jogs, Travis McMichael can be seen waiting for him in the road with a shotgun while his father stands in the back of a pickup truck with a revolver. After a brief confrontation, Arbery is shot at three times. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations said in a news briefing Travis McMichael is the one who shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery.

The video was filmed by a third White man, William Bryan. Journalist Shaun King said on Twitter Friday Bryan is also being charged but has not yet been arrested. The Brunswick police reportedly had a copy of the shocking video since February, but before Thursday no charges had been filed against the McMichaels, who claimed they chased Arbery because he looked like a burglary suspect. Gregory McMichael is a former officer with the Glynn County Police Department, who also worked as an investigator in the District Attorney’s Office there. [snip]

BENJAMIN CRUMP: Yes, ma’am. Apparently, a lawyer or a former lawyer associated with the McMichaels, the murderous father and son duo who executed Ahmaud Arbery, released the video. And apparently he said he released it because he felt that it would somehow exonerate these killers. And it makes no sense to me. It’s asinine how they feel this hunting party, this hunting posse, chasing this unarmed, young African American throughout that community was something that would exonerate them. [snip]

BENJAMIN CRUMP: And that’s why we want a special prosecutor appointed, and we want to make sure that if these are individuals who currently work at the law enforcement agencies there in and around Brunswick, Georgia, who failed to arrest them either because of incompetence or intentional, they should not have anything at all to do with the prosecution of this case. [more]

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