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Toomey, take your attempt to dictate terms and spin the narrative,

fold it in five corners, and shove it where the sun don't shine. Your guy LOST. Biden won. He'll pick his cabinet however he damned well pleases.

There's a reason why the GA audit is essentially a recount.


In this particular case, GA will manually audit ALL of the ballots in the presidential race because of the type of risk-limiting audit they’ve chosen to do and because they chose the presidential race to audit. In risk-limiting audits, the percentage of ballots examined...

is based on margin of victory in race. The smaller the margin, the more ballots you audit. Because margin in presidential race in Georgia is so narrow, state would have to randomly select more than a million ballots to audit. It’s cheaper/more efficient to just audit all of them.

Another reason why what they're doing in GA is an audit and not a recount - because Georgia's election law says that a recount is done by having a scanner read a QR code printed on each ballot. It does not involve a manual count unless the scanners are shown to be untrustworthy. [snip]

Bottom line is GA is doing a quasi-audit, but not risk-a limiting audit because of how GA will conduct it (no randomly chosen ballots). It's also not a strict recount because of what GA law calls a recount - a machine reading QR codes.

There's much more there, so it's worth reading the whole thing.

I am annoyed that this is taking place because 1/ it feeds trump's narrative, and 2/ we the taxpayers are getting stuck with the bill for recounting an obvious win, but in the long run I am also cautiously optimistic it will embarrass and silence any Repubs who doubted the results.

It's not that Graham won over Harrison in SC that disturbs me so much,

though the loss was disappointing. It was a long shot, and as close as he got, Jaime was never locked in for a win. What bothers me is the margin. It was over 10 points and that just seems way overdone. Meh, maybe it's just sour grapes on my part, but I thought Graham's win would be more of a squeaker.

Projection, every time.

Pompeo has mocked the last Democratic secretary of state, John Kerry, for his frequent travels to Paris, telling a conservative group earlier this year that he was not interested in "fancy dinners" and "cocktails."

Two words, Pompy: Madison Dinners.

The list of countries he will visit is interesting. How many of them in the ME have extradition treaties with the US, hmm?

PDBs are not the only transition norm being ignored.

Transitional security handoff procedure is being blocked as well.


Mr. Trump can prevent Mr. Biden and his aides from receiving the presidential daily briefing, the compendium of the government’s latest secrets and best intelligence insights, for the entire transition. No law states that Mr. Biden must receive it, though under previous administrations dating to at least 1968, presidents have authorized their elected successors to be given the briefing after clinching victory. [snip]

Along with the presidential daily briefing, transition team officials need to have access to classified information at intelligence agencies, like the C.I.A., to make staffing decisions and begin planning for the administration. [snip]

Former vice presidents like Mr. Biden do not receive full-time Secret Service protection, but Mr. Biden has had a protection detail since earlier this year. The Secret Service also extended the no-fly zone over Mr. Biden’s home to cover an entertainment complex in downtown Wilmington, Del., where he addressed the nation on Saturday night.

But if the Trump administration — through the G.S.A. — continues to not recognize Mr. Biden as the president-elect, it is likely to stymie the typical transition that occurs between Mr. Biden’s temporary security detail and the one specifically devised to protect presidents, known as the Presidential Protection Division. Under previous administrations, the Secret Service has had the two teams begin working together during the transition with the incoming president’s detail becoming increasingly made up of Presidential Protection Division agents and officers as Inauguration Day approached. Such a handoff requires significant resources and changes in personnel work hours, and former agency officials say the Secret Service is highly unlikely to begin that transition unless the G.S.A. has authorized it.

And there is the proper pushback - Pfizer wasn't part of Warp Speed, but

they certainly did receive a promise for a huge pile of the taxpayers' money. That should be remembered before they set any kind of price tag for the vaccine.

More like this, please!

The trump voter has grown so loud and obnoxious over the past four years, there's no way to claim we don't all know who they are, what they think, and why.

It's high time the rest of us and the issues important to us get a turn, given the Democratic candidate we voted for won.

Democrats have won a popular vote majority in three of the last four presidential elections; Republicans have won the popular vote only once in the last 28 years. The country is changing in ways profoundly challenging to the GOP and the right. They’re the ones who should start worrying about being out of touch.

This isn't just about hanging on to power for its own sake.

We've only seen the tip of the corruption iceberg. Look to who supports trump, even those who merely stay silent rather than defend the interests of the country. So many are in this thing up to their necks, and they know the investigations are coming. They've had a fun ride for several years, but now they are all too terrified about what they've done and what will happen when it all comes out.

58 year old white woman in S GA -

I cannot thank you all enough. The incredible diversity of the Democratic party definitely is our strength, and we should always remember that, appreciate it, and celebrate it. Thank you, everyone!

Petty cowards, lacking any dignity or gravitas.

The Republican 'leaders' have made themselves irrelevant by their silence and lack of elementary statesmanship. Congratulations to them on their well-earned right to be ignored.
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