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Crooks get used to doing the crooked things.

It doesn't occur to them to do it any other way.

These guys including Trump must have been jockeying to get in on some very big bucks. Did I read it was about natural gas, or energy of some form?

Yep. Naftogaz. Please forgive me linking to my own post. I plead laziness- it was easiest to find offhand.

The attrition rate in the State Dept. is deliberate.

Trump Is Waging War on America’s Diplomats

...This incident, which has not been previously reported, offers a stark example of the politicization of the foreign service under Trump. It’s also a grim illustration of how the administration—through three years of attempted budget cuts, hiring freezes, and grotesquely personal attacks—has eviscerated the country's diplomatic corps and put highly sensitive matters of national security in the hands of politically appointed novices. They are people like Gordon Sondland, the Trump donor who became America's ambassador to the European Union, who is now playing a starring role in the Ukrainian imbroglio that imperils the Trump presidency. It is no accident that impeachment hangs on a matter of diplomacy—and a stand-off between the country's top foreign policy professionals and the president's political allies, national security amateurs installed to do Trump’s bidding rather than the country’s. [snip]

What’s more, the attrition continues unabated. Career foreign service officers work long hours in difficult conditions, making less money than they would in the private sector. Often, they are driven by their sense of mission—say, promoting American values abroad—but when President Trump began attacking the pillars of American national security and smearing diplomats by name on Twitter, “suddenly,” says one senior foreign service officer who was pushed out on a scheduling technicality, “the equation didn’t make sense anymore.” What had started as a trickle of people leaving at the highest levels—often, people who were close to retirement—has turned into a flood of mid-career and junior officers heading for the door. The departure of top talent, people who had decades’ worth of wisdom that could have passed on to people below them, as well as the exodus of mid-level officers who had years to go before their retirements, will continue to resonate for quite a while, says Nicholas Burns, a retired career foreign service officer who is now at the Harvard Kennedy School. “That gap will show up years later,” he told me.

It's not a case of political blunder. The attack on our national security is deliberate, is taking place at all levels of government, and is intended to have long term consequences.

Reasonable and practical.

Operating and safety lessons and the ability to pass a test for a license is required for automobiles because of the level of danger autos can pose to the public at large, so why not require the same for guns? Accidents happen. Because of this, insurance is required before the legal ability to drive an automobile, so why not have the same for guns?

None of your ideas involve taking guns away from responsible gun owners. Regulations and safety requirements like this would make it harder for irresponsible and unqualified people to own or misuse firearms, which is good for everyone, including responsible, qualified gun owners.

An automobile license and insurance won't stop a driver from deliberately plowing into people with a car, true, but no ever uses that as an argument against requiring a driver's license, do they?

To appear in the Senate. If subpoenaed. Supposedly.

Bolton has been way too coy about all of this.

John Bolton would testify in Trump impeachment probe under certain legal conditions, report says

But Bolton’s decision on complying with the inquiry is contingent on whether a constitutional court fight pans out in favor of the House or the Trump administration, the Post reported.

Bolton’s former deputy, Charles Kupperman, had been told by the Trump administration not to cooperate with the probe. But he was also subpoenaed by House Democrats to appear for a deposition. While other witnesses had chosen to defy the White House’s admonitions, Kupperman filed a lawsuit asking a judge to rule on which party has more authority.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., had warned that Kupperman may be held in contempt for defying the congressional subpoena for his testimony.

Bolton had reportedly been willing to testify in public under subpoena if Kupperman is directed by the courts to comply with the House, according to NBC News, citing a source familiar with Bolton’s situation.

But a House Intelligence Committee official said Thursday that Bolton’s lawyer would take the House panels conducting the probe to court if his client was subpoenaed.

John Bolton failed to appear at impeachment deposition

WASHINGTON — Former national security adviser John Bolton failed to appear Thursday for his closed-door deposition in the House impeachment inquiry, following the lead of other current and former Trump administration officials who have chosen not to show up.

Last week, Bolton — who was fired by Trump in September — was formally invited to testify before the three congressional committees leading the inquiry, but his lawyer, Charles Cooper, quickly made clear that his client was unwilling to appear voluntarily.

This man had the hubris to state his conditions for being willing to serve his country by testifying in the House impeachment hearings. Subpoena, no subpoena - it's all a disgraceful publicity tap dance. I would love to be wrong about this. We'll see.

So, when is Bolton's book coming out?

I have grown to despise this man. Nothing he does has anything to do with the good of the country. Make no mistake, he is in it only for himself and his own interests. Vile.

Once again standing up as the adult in the room, thank all the gods great and small.

I honestly think if we make it through this as a country, Nancy Pelosi's name will be at the top of the list of people who need to be credited and thanked in every history book published hereafter.

Thank you. Every time I see a Hill link, I just move on to the next thread.

Or I go search for another source with the same news. It can be tempting to link the Hill when they seem to scoop so quickly sometimes, but people need to stop doing it. That news source is a poison pill.

Are we all pretending Trump is coherent?

These are sentence fragments strung together loosely, making very little sense. It's appalling that this is supposed to be a political speech. The level of communication displayed here could barely hold up one side of a conversation, much less pass for persuasive rhetoric regarding important issues facing the nation... especially given the fact that he can't seem to stop talking about bathroom fixtures.


Photo context: stolen from a 2015 NYT article


And once again, who is surprised? No one.

The photo and the words don't match. The photo reveals the projection.

He's not worried about his constituents; he knows no one is after them. His photo says, "I'm after you."

His photo says "I'm gonna get you."

That tweet is not a warning. It's a threat.
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