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Gender: Female
Hometown: Georgia
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 20,727

Journal Archives

You're right - Vitamin E acetate is suspected

Disclosure: I started vaping to quit cigarettes, and it worked really well. Vaping is not exactly healthy, but I am grateful it helped me quit the much more damaging cigarettes I was smoking when nothing else did. Yes, I am tapering off vaping also.

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review

The reason people are dying isn't because they are vaping, it's because of *what* they're vaping - and it has nothing to do with flavors.

Counterfeit Weed Vape Cartridges Are Everywhere — and They’re Making People Sick

A Thickener Used in Pot Vaping Is a Hugely Popular Black-Market Scam

The CDC is a little behind the info curve in giving people a more precise and useful warning, but I'm glad they're finally getting the word out.

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