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The families of the dead are still having obituaries published.

They can't hide those. The numbers will come out eventually whether the FL health department likes it or not, and what they've done in trying to hide the data will come back to bite them.

Mnuchin lived at Trump International Hotel temporarily in 2017


American taxpayers footed the bill for $33,000 in Secret Service hotel rooms for 137 consecutive nights in 2017 while Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin lived in a luxury suite, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

According to federal documents, Mnuchin lived at the Trump International Hotel for several months before finally moving into a home in Washington, DC. The suite was paid for by his own funds, but the security that was to guard the New York financier was paid for on the taxpayer dime.

For the Secret Service room, the Trump hotel charged the "maximum rate that federal agencies were generally allowed to pay in 2017: $242 per night, according to the billing records." Most hotels have a "government rate" for rooms. It's unclear if the Trump hotels abide by that. The total bill came out to $33,154. [snip]

"The Secretary was not aware of what the U.S. Secret Service paid for the adjoining room," a Treasury spokesperson said.

Another article, a little more in depth

People familiar with Secret Service practices said that was standard procedure when an official stayed in any hotel. During the Clinton administration, for instance, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin lived in the Jefferson Hotel near the White House for years, and the Secret Service used the room next door, according to news reports.

The difference, in this case, is that Mnuchin and the Secret Service were paying for rooms in a hotel owned by the same president who had appointed Mnuchin.

He should never have stayed there for conflict of interest reasons, obviously, and it's laughable that the Secretary of the Treasury is unaware that his security's rooms are not paid out of their own pockets.

These people.

Oh how sad.

This isn't just happening in Brooklyn. It's likely happening in many places because the numbers are just so overwhelming. Screw those idiot, selfish protestors. If only they understood that this could happen to them or to their loved ones, and that it is happening to someone's loved ones.

She's right! K&R

Dr. Seema Yasmin


What the hell happened to you, Lindsey?

BTW, we all see you sitting at home like the rest of us, but the difference is your job is still there for you, your healthcare (the best money can buy!) isn't going anywhere, and your pension is safe. You are stuffed to the gills with the perks of privilege and still can say these things? Jaime Harrison needs to run your worthless self out of office come November.

The reason these two photos exist at the same time is because

the pandemic playbook, which addressed practical matters such as food supply, was thrown out by the apricothellbeast masquerading as president.

Chef Andres is right about calling elected officials and making a lot of noise to get some action in dealing with this. He and Publix are trying, but can only do so much.


http://www.citymayors.com/mayors/us-mayors.html [largest cities]

I want to see Tara Reade's *story* thoroughly discredited.

It's been done, but in perhaps too muted a fashion.

I don't think that Biden or his campaign can do it, not with the way politics work in the US right now. As suggested above, allies not associated with the campaign may need to step up and defend him while firmly repeating the counts against the reliability of her story and its changes over time.

It seems Tara herself may be unwell, and as angry as I am with her, I want her to get some help. At this point she may actually believe her own story, which is really tragic. Given that, and given some people not as well informed will believe her, publicly beating her up in the news, as opposed to her story, is not a good thing to do.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there is a firm hand on her back shoving her onto the stage. I also think there's some money involved, and not all of it is speaking fees for being interviewed.

The ones I'd love to see personally and thoroughly discredited forever are the people behind her sudden outspoken, ever changing, ever ramped up stories. Somebody is feeding her the new talking points. Is it Putin? Is it Koch money? Betsy DeVos? Someone even closer to trump? Somebody needs to find out who is pushing her. Those are the ratfuckers who really need to bleed.

This. Biden has already addressed her accusations publicly. He need do no more.

Getting down in the mud with Tara Reade will play right into the hands of the agitators backing her. It's what they want, so they can turn this into a 24/7 circus from now til November. It'll be buttery males all over again.


Not surprising.


A New York business executive who spoke with Vanity Fair reportedly recalled meeting with Kushner last fall and leaving feeling shaken.

“I told Jared that if Trump won a second term, he wouldn’t have to worry about running again and you can really help people. Jared just looked at me and said, ‘I don’t care about any of that,’ ” the executive told the outlet.

Later, the executive added: “I wanted to tell Jared you don’t say that part out loud, even in private.”

The reality is that the deaths are going to mount ever higher and this little asshole will still be finding new ways to make money off of the taxpayers' misery and grief while spouting catchy phrases to minimize what is happening. Count on it.

Powerful video. Not only are all of the COVID protesters lily white,

they are being egged on by groups backed by gun nuts, white supremacists, and big money. Disgusting.

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