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Gender: Female
Hometown: Georgia
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Everything trump touches dies.

In this case, the killing of VOA is intentional.


Trump and Steve Bannon want to turn a US-funded global media network into Breitbart 2.0
Michael Pack’s purge of the US Agency for Global Media, and his effort to produce tough-on-China journalism, explained.

Gee, wonder how involved Bannon is now?


Does this explain the recent purges at VOA?
BUSTED: Trump engaged in 3-week ‘flurry of communication’ with Putin this year – and the White House hid some of the calls
Published 4 hours ago on June 29, 2020 By David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement

“President Donald Trump engaged in an unprecedented – and previously unknown – “flurry of communication” with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a three-week period earlier this year, according to a sister-network of Voice of America.” [with links]

Doesn't this temporarily larger paycheck qualify as buying votes?

People who don't pay attention, who don't realize they are actually being swindled, might be convinced to vote for the guy who just beefed up their paycheck. It's not just about screwing Social Security. He's bribing people.

Nine times out of ten, I'd agree with you.

In this case, I'm leaning to thinking that knowing he has no hesitations about punching a girl from behind more than once is a good thing. Sad, but a good thing to know. Part of the defense being molded around him is that he was being bullied at school. This may be a bit of a screen reason for why he dropped out. From this video, it's obvious he had no problem dishing out some serious bullying of his own that goes way beyond the name calling his mother complained about.

I agree.

Social Security is a political third rail. trump is standing on it to his own peril. Businesses may have different reasons for being hesitant, but it speak volumes they are not immediately falling in line with the idea.

Wow, two girls are having it out and he decides to join in, punching from behind.

Short girl engages tall girl, then Kyle starts punching tall girl from behind. One set of punches wasn't enough, and when he went back to punch her again, it sounds like the people videoing decided to get out of the car and stop him.

What a prince.

Shut up, John Bolton. Your hands are not clean.

Top White House official in charge of pandemic response exits abruptly - May 10, 2018

The top White House official responsible for leading the U.S. response in the event of a deadly pandemic has left the administration, and the global health security team he oversaw has been disbanded under a reorganization by national security adviser John Bolton.

The abrupt departure of Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer from the National Security Council means no senior administration official is now focused solely on global health security. Ziemer’s departure, along with the breakup of his team, comes at a time when many experts say the country is already underprepared for the increasing risks of a pandemic or bioterrorism attack. [snip]

The personnel changes, which Morrison and others characterize as a downgrading of global health security, are part of Bolton’s previously announced plans to streamline the NSC. Two members of Ziemer's team have been merged into a unit in charge of weapons of mass destruction, and another official's position is now part of a unit responsible for international organizations. White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert, who had called for a comprehensive biodefense strategy against pandemics and biological attacks, is out completely. He left the day after Bolton took over last month. [snip]

“It seems to actively unlearn the lessons we learned through very hard experience over the last 15 years,” said Konyndyk, now a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development. “These moves make us materially less safe. It’s inexplicable.”

Shame on Business Insider for forgetting this. If a random citizen can remember, they certainly should.

All the signs were there for years - even Rittenhouse's classmates could see them.

Who drove him to Kenosha? Who picked him up and drove him home? How in the world did he get access to an AR 15 rifle? Who gave him that gun? Why are these questions not being asked and answered in the media?

Btw, notice the plentiful photos of him running around with that gun are not being published in news articles; most often it's just a picture of him cleaning graffiti. Even news articles are shifting the narrative by choosing the most positive public face he chose to publish online about himself.

Tucker Carlson is one of the main contributors to the angry, hate-filled narrative

that is whipping up various white supremacy groups to commit racist violence. Of course he supports Kyle Rittenhouse. He helped make him.

I had to leave halfway through and missed this part. Thanks for posting it.

Obviously if the USPS workforce is stretched thin, a hiring freeze and early retirements are going to have an impact. DeJoy just brazenly lies as though none of us can handle the simple arithmetic involved. I love that Ayanna Pressley kept to specific yes/no questions as much as possible, giving no wiggle room. She threw heavy shade on DeJoy while simultaneously wrecking Duncan's lax hiring practices.

Very satisfying. A+

I read the article. The website is not nefarious in any way.

Just in case anyone's wondering, there's more on the About Us page about how the site got started, but here's the gist:
Living Blue in Texas was started for the sole purpose of helping to keep voters informed and up-to-date on the latest in Texas news and politics.

The goal is simple, to help keep Texas democrats motivated to get out and vote.

We want to see an end of the extreme Gerrymandering which has taken place in Texas and voter suppression. Once and for all, we want to turn Texas blue.

There are links within the article that I chose not to follow, so I understand the 'I don't want to go there' sentiment.

It's not clear whether the author isn't just amplifying tough talk seen online. On the other hand, I agree with Shell_Seas that given what happened in Kenosha, it's unwise to ignore the signs completely. Also, given what happened in Kenosha and has been happening with agent provocateur mayhem since the BLM protests blew up, I personally think the war is has been simmering along for some time now, in some instances with tacit police coordination and approval.

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