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I missed the hearings today.

When I tracked down a video* later, I thought I'd just hit the highlights and read** about it, but once I started watching, it was impossible to turn away from any of it. All four officers, as well as the videos of their experiences, had me in tears more than once. Their quiet, firm dignity when talking about that awful day was a thing to behold.

I was struck most of all by the quiet spaces in between. There was no Elise Stefanik smarmily asking gotcha questions of the chair or interrupting with tattling insinuations that rules weren't being followed, no Jim Jordan loudly bloviating about nothing, wasting time without getting around to asking an actual question, no Louie Gohmert banging his ring on the table to disrupt and drown out the proceedings. There was none of that. Just respectful silence until the next question, respectful silence as one officer or another looked into space while gathering their thoughts about the awful things they went through before answering the questions that needed to be asked and answered. Raskin ran out of time, but yielded back, and the chairman immediately offered him the time. The question was asked without anyone yelling that it was out of order, without anyone missing a beat or raising an eyebrow.

It was all so polite, so respectful, and civilized. This is what was missing from both impeachment proceedings, and what has been missing from the day to day governance for years now. Among many other things, I want these hearings to reset the tone and timbre of our politics. I want these hearings to bring back civility for good. I know, I know. It's a pie in the sky thing, but I wish for it anyway.

The only off note for me was the almost complete absence of masks. Only the press and a few aides seemed to have the sense to wear them when not speaking, and the unmasked hugging at the end made me gasp. People, what are you thinking? Please, please, we need all of you to stay safe and stay well. Wear your masks!

Thanks to all involved, this commission is off to a strong start. Keep it going. We all need the truth so badly.



Great post and article.

Proud Boys is an SPLC designated hate group

Canada designates the Proud Boys as a terrorist entity

Gee, I wonder where Joe Manchin got this idea.

Did he really just think of it all of a sudden, all on his own? No way he could have gotten the suggestion from those across the aisle he's trying so hard to please... could he?

From the Huffpo article linked in the OP:

Further deepening the dilemma, Manchin’s national voter ID proposal contains little to no information on what exactly it is. His compromise list simply states: “Require voter ID with allowable alternatives (utility bill, etc.) to prove identity to vote.”

I don't know about other states, but that's what GA has right now. So, what's the problem?

Beginning in 2005, states run by Republicans began to adopt more restrictive forms of identification; these efforts soon accelerated. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Shelby County v. Holder that gutted the Voting Rights Act, the number of states adopting restrictive ID laws, particularly restrictive photo ID laws, increased dramatically.

A restrictive identification law is one that requires photo identification, places strict limitations on the types of identification accepted at the polls and imposes limits on how a voter can still vote without the required photo identification. The most restrictive laws are those that do not provide any means for voters who lack the required identification to otherwise identify themselves and cast a ballot.

Republicans pushing restrictive voter ID laws claim to do so to counter election fraud. There is, however, no evidence of widespread voter fraud in contemporary U.S. elections.

Sounds like Voter ID would be a great way for Repubs to get everyone to volunteer for the restrictive identification they're currently trying to impose in legislation state by state. What a great way to save them time any money and make it even more difficult to vote. Madness.

Agreed and thank you, EndlessWire.

Democrats have fought against a national ID for decades for reasons of privacy in addition to those you've stated.

Anybody remember Bob Barr? Even he agreed with the ACLU that national IDs were not a good thing.

The dramatic advances in computing technology over even just the past decade mean that the government has much more power today in collecting, storing, and analyzing information about all of us. A national ID system, especially if linked with other government databases, can paint a picture in fine-grained detail about where we go, who we talk to, where we worship, and where we stand on sensitive political issues, among many other sensitive data points.

As a nation, we live by the principle that the government should not be able to collect such information without cause. A national ID system turns that fundamental principle on its head. We must continue to support basic freedoms and protect against our becoming a country where the government can demand, “Papers, please.”

REAL ID still got rammed through and is bad enough, and you folks want to volunteer for another form of national ID?

Getting a card would not stop any of the vote suppression idiocy going on now; it would just add another hurdle to the pile that it already too high.

No. Just no.

GA already recounted and audited the votes.

All of the votes were counted three times, three different ways, including a hand count, at the taxpayers' expense. Kandiss, sit down and shut up.

The ventilator idiocy that went on back then still sends me into a fury if

I think about too long, so I'll be brief: Kushner's "it's our stockpile" and "that’s their problem" comments set the situation in stark relief for anyone who hadn't been paying enough attention up to that point. Good riddance to to such grasping, sociopathic trash.
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