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crickets's Journal
crickets's Journal
December 22, 2022

Cynthia McKinney was involved in a security checkpoint incident

while trying to enter the Capitol building. Oddly enough, Capitol Police did not allow her to "blow through" without being stopped. They physically stopped her. She was accused of assault for touching the officer after he grabbed her, and didn't handle the fallout all that well. She eventually apologized, but there was no reason for the altercation in the first place. No Dem stepped up to support her when it happened, and it was all over not wearing her congressional pin so she could be recognized as a representative, in spite of the fact that she showed her ID badge at the time.

Did anyone physically stop either one of them? Is anyone asking either these clowns to apologize? No? Figures.

December 14, 2022

Fox News Having One Million Rage-Gasms Over Drag Queens At White House...


Finally, here is Sean Hannity bitching for some reason that he was required to watch Cyndi Lauper perform.

u201cHannity: Iu2019m not exactly sure why we are forced to endure a live performance from Cyndi Lauperu201d
— Acyn (@Acyn) 1670984934

Sorry, Cyndi Lauper. The Lou Costello lookalike from hell isn't a fan of yours.

Those are his true colors. You are required by law to accept them now.

I just happened to run across it while reading the hilarious Fox idiocy about drag queens at the WH. Cheers.
December 14, 2022

The Miller Memo


Memo image included at linked page.

On January 5, Miller issued orders which prohibited deploying D.C. Guard members with weapons, helmets, body armor or riot control agents without his personal approval.[45] On January 5, Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy issued a memo placing limits on the District of Columbia National Guard.[45] Maj. Gen. William J. Walker, the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard, later explained: "All military commanders normally have immediate response authority to protect property, life, and in my case, federal functions — federal property and life. But in this instance I did not have that authority."[45]

Miller's actions on January 6 faced scrutiny.[46] After rioters breached the Capitol Police perimeter, Miller waited more than three hours before authorizing the deployment of the National Guard.[13][46] Miller didn't provide that permission until 4:32 pm, after assets from Virginia had already entered the District, and Trump had instructed rioters to "go home".[47][13][46] Miller testified that he was trying to avoid a repeat of the Kent State shootings.[13] [snip]

According to Miller’s testimony, he did not speak with Trump at any time during the Capitol attack: "I didn’t need to. I had all the authority I needed and I knew what had to happen," he said.[13] Miller rejects the notion that the Pentagon dragged their feet protecting the Capitol, calling that notion “complete horseshit”, and he insists they “had their game together”.[49] After reassessing what happened on January 6, Miller acknowledged something they were unaware of beforehand: “It seems clear there was an organized conspiracy with assault elements”.[13] Aside from whether that unawareness affected the Pentagon’s response, Miller says the conspiracy was organized and set in motion before Trump spoke on January 6, and thus should not be attributed solely to what Trump said on that date.[13]

Oh, there was definitely some horseshit involved. It still reeks to this day.
December 14, 2022

Is this even legal? (No paywall link)


It seems like an astounding government overreach and violation of privacy, at the very least. Paxton & co. got blocked from going after the kids, so now they're going after the adults? Here's hoping the ACLU and Lamba Legal will be all over this issue as well.

Skeen called the attorney general’s inquiry into driver’s license records “a gross violation of privacy” intended to “target one group of people to fire up their base while transgender people are just trying to live their lives.”

The constitutional issues that this raises are equal protection and due process under the 14th Amendment as well as discrimination based on sex,” Skeen said.

Some Texas judges seal or restrict access to court records of gender changes for privacy reasons, but also because transgender individuals have been harassed online and faced threats of violence, Skeen said.
December 8, 2022

What a sour puss.

Gosar Tweets – And Quickly Deletes – Support For Trump Call To Terminate Parts Of Constitution

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce his support for former President Donald Trump’s unhinged call to terminate parts of the Constitution and “rescind” the 2020 election.

“I support and agree with the former President,” Gosar wrote in a Twitter post that included a screenshot of Trump’s Truth Social rant. “Unprecedented fraud requires unprecedented cure.”

Shortly after, he deleted the post.

This comes days after Trump posted the bizarre and unheard of claims on his bootleg Twitter platform Truth Social calling for certain parts of the Constitution to be terminated so he can be reinstated as president. [more]
November 22, 2022

The strategy of emotional abusers: DARVO

How Narcissists Use DARVO to Escape Accountability

DARVO is an acronym for Deny, Attack, Reverse, Victim and Offender. It is a defense mechanism used by manipulators to evade accountability for the abuse they inflict on others. It is a blame-shifting tactic used for gaslighting in the context of emotional abuse. [snip]

The cognitive distortions created by DARVO cultivate an ecosystem of moral corruption. Members of the peer group are encouraged by the narcissist to engage in polarized or black and white thinking.

The group’s empathy for the narcissist is weaponized and used to encourage negative biases about the recipient of the abuse. Narcissists, psychopaths and other manipulators do this in order to ensure that members of the dominant clique become indifferent and callous about the betrayal of the survivor.

The desensitization of the group opens the door to the objectification of the targeted individual and once this is accomplished every kind of violence becomes acceptable.

Examples of this can be seen in manifestations of anti-semitism, racism, sexism and homophobia.
November 21, 2022

Well said. It's past time to make the point loudly and repeatedly. (eta)

Thread unroll: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1594792750154661888.html

Edited to add:


The stochastic terrorist is the person who uses mass media to broadcast memes that incite unstable people to commit violent acts.

One or more unstable people responds to the incitement by becoming a lone wolf and committing a violent act. While their action may have been statistically predictable (e.g. "given the provocation, someone will probably do such-and-such" ), the specific person and the specific act are not predictable (yet).

The stochastic terrorist then has plausible deniability: "Oh, it was just a lone nut, nobody could have predicted he would do that, and I'm not responsible for what people in my audience do."

The lone wolf who was the "missile" gets captured and sentenced to life in prison, while the stochastic terrorist keeps his prime time slot and goes on to incite more lone wolves.


Wired, no paywall: https://archive.ph/PgsPp - Jargon Watch: The Rising Danger of Stochastic Terrorism, Aug 2019



November 21, 2022

What utter BS.

The laughable chain of custody issues alone make forensic review a nightmare.


I’ve reported on the WaPo story on the security review of the disk drive commonly referred to as the “Hunter Biden” “laptop” a bunch of times.

But in advance of ripping apart this James Comer fan-fiction about Hunter Biden and before the Twitter thread I did disappears into the Elmo dumpster fire, I wanted to repeat it here. The WaPo asked security experts Matt Green (who worked with his Johns Hopkins students) and Jake Williams to review the drive to see what they could authenticate.

They discovered that people had kept adding content to the “laptop,” making it impossible to say what was on the “laptop” when it was provided to the blind computer repairman. [snip]

Still more important: some of the forensic data that would be necessary to authenticate the drive itself had been deleted.

WaPo no paywall: https://archive.ph/b1Ser
Twitter thread: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1593288154236260358.html

Rawstory no paywall: https://archive.ph/wip/QZceE
November 20, 2022

Isn't "name your price" a bribe?

I don't think they were talking about money but favors. That still counts. It's a bribe, an attempt to buy his future votes.

18 U.S. Code § 201 - Bribery of public officials and witnesses

We're all a bit numb to the campaign contribution bribery that goes on daily, but this is a different beast. It's incredible that no one in media (or Congress) is pointing out the obvious bribery here and asking which Congresscritters offered it. At the very least put some naming and shaming out there, people. Wow.

November 20, 2022

Another vote for Mastodon. I'm having fun stumbling around, trying to get the hang of it.

I couldn't decide which instance (server) to pick, so I went for the one George Takei joined and it's been fine. (@crickets@universeodon.com) Haven't really set up my profile properly or posted yet, but unlike Twitter, I might do more than just retweet. (Retoot?) I've mainly using the web interface, but I tried the free Tusky app for Android and like it so far.

I found many of the media accounts over at journa.host. It's for media only, but you can follow any of the members without joining that particular instance. Searching for and finding people isn't hard to do, and there are apps to search for your Twitter follow list. Haven't tried one yet, but plan to soon. Has anyone else had luck with that?

I'm have a great time adding hashtags in addition to following people, but be warned: if you decide to follow #CatsofMastodon, every #Caturday will be flooded with floof and toe beans. 🐱

It isn't another Twitter (that's actually a good thing in many ways) and it's a bit confusing at first, but it really isn't difficult. Just jump in and start playing with it. It's a lot of fun. It's a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere over there.


How to join Mastodon
How to find and follow other users on Mastodon
How to find your Twitter contacts on Mastodon
How to use Debirdify to find Twitter users on Mastodon
How to import Twitter contacts to Mastodon


Tips and advice for getting started with Mastodon. Especially if you're used to Twitter.

10 Quick Mastodon Tips

This is for people who now have Mastodon accounts and have poked around a bit, but are still a bit confused about the whole experience.

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