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They did more than "make fun" of a man who was brutally attacked, Adam.

Good job for posting the list, though. There's no excuse for the way people behaved.

eta for those avoiding twitter links:


Right after the McGonigal story broke, Kevin McCarthy ejected Adam Schiff from the House intelligence committee. Schiff is expert on Russian influence operations. It exhibits carelessness about national security to exclude him. It is downright suspicious to exclude him now. 16/20

Thanks for posting this, Nevilledog.

Linked in the replies:

The Spy Case That Made Adam Schiff a Russia Hawk | May 26, 2019
Archive link: https://archive.ph/wip/HP2da

This was no ordinary FBI surveillance operation: The “acquaintance” Grishin referred to was himself an FBI agent—a man who, out of greed, desperation, and spite, had begun an affair with Ogorodnikov and agreed to sell classified information to the Soviet government. Eventually, this man—Richard W. Miller, a 47-year-old Los Angeles-based counterintelligence agent on the Bureau’s Soviet squad—would become the first FBI agent ever convicted of espionage.

And the man who would finally secure Miller’s conviction in 1990—after three trials over the course of six years—was a young U.S. attorney in Los Angeles: Adam Schiff. [snip]

Schiff accepts that Mueller did not find a criminal conspiracy between Trump associates and the Russian government (though he has said there is “plenty of evidence of collusion.”) For the congressman, the Trump-Russia affair goes beyond the domain of the potentially prosecutable, and broaches the broader question of compromise—whether, say, one’s financial or personal entanglements can create improper levers of influence for a hostile foreign state. In the counterintelligence world, behavior need not be criminal to represent a threat to the country’s national security interests.

Schiff, unusually for someone in Congress, first learned this lesson decades ago. To fully understand why he has continued to ring the alarm on Trump-Russia, we need to travel back to Los Angeles in 1984, and the strange, sordid saga of Richard Miller.

No paywall link:


The whistleblower has come forward because of last year's testimony by Peiter Zatko, former Twitter security head.

Former security chief claims Twitter buried ‘egregious deficiencies’

Lake Cote, Costa Rica, 1971

The Costa Rico Star, Jan 3, 2023

On September 4, 1971, the Costa Rican National Geographic Institute was taking aerial photos from 10,000 feet of Lake Cote, the small body of water that would later become the larger Lake Arenal, as part of preliminary studies for the future hydroelectric project.

The study was funded by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) to determine water sources in the area for their planned hydroelectric project.

Photographer Sergio Loaiza, along with Costa Ricans Juan Bravo and Francisco Reyes, traveled on a twin-engine Canadian F680 with a special 100 lb map-making camera donated by the German government rigged onto the floor of the plane snapping a photo about every 13 seconds.

It was during this aerial inspection that what is considered to be the best photograph of a UFO in the world was taken.

Another article with a little more information, and a look at the uncropped photo:


I don't know what the object in the photo is, but that it is there has always fascinated me. It's hard to trust photos from any era, especially now, but given when this photo was taken and the circumstances involving the Costan Rican government, I tend to think the photo is real. Photo of what? Don't know. There clearly is something there, though.

I turned it off. We'll see plenty more of this nonsense down the road.

Thank you to Nancy Pelosi and Hakeem Jeffries for showing how a graceful transfer of power is done, to Democrats as a whole for holding firm as a bloc, for showing up under hardship (Rep Trone of MD), and for behaving honorably throughout the process. You make us proud.

Yep. Because Biggs switched to vote present, Gaetz could still vote present without

endangering the win. That's how they got him. The last die-hards didn't have actually to vote for him, they just had to lower the threshold for him.

Per C-SPAN, Buck is on the way to a medical appointment and is out for

the rest of today and most of tomorrow.

Kevin Hern's mother died this week. Funeral Saturday, and if voting goes through the weekend he will miss it.

Wesley Hunt's wife just gave birth in the last few days. He has yet to miss any votes, but potentially could.

Yes, she was responding to being called out by name by Matt Rosendale.


Sherrilyn Ifill @SIfill_
Out of order. Also, @RepRosendale she is Rep. Waters or Maxine Waters to you unless you are in personal conversation with her. Rep. Waters is not your servant. Disgusting display. But congratulations, you got your fundraising clip. B/c nothing sells better.

Aaron Rupar @atrupar
Rosendale calls out Maxine Waters by name but then denies he did so just seconds later. Very weird.
3:34 PM · Jan 5, 2023

3:47 PM · Jan 5, 2023


anthony rei 🥟 @anthonyberteaux
Rep. Maxine Waters: "Matt Rosendale, get it together."

#SpeakerVote #118thCongress
4:26 PM · Jan 5, 2023

Thanks for this.

Democrats are not going to help Republicans out of the mess they've made. Repubs are going to have to do that for themselves, not that they're capable. Regardless which Republican not-Kevin is eventually chosen, it will be a poor choice. There's no way around that, so there's no point in Dems getting involved.

🎶Lost the vote again


[In my best Willie Nelson]

🎶Lost the vote again
#KevinMcCarthy lost the vote again
7 times, it seems it's never gonna end
So Kremlin McCarthy lost the vote again

/2 🎶Lost the vote again
Even Hakeem Jeffries brought more votes together
Lost the vote again
Masochistic Kevin just break out the leather
Sing together
Lost the vote again...

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