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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Current location: red wing mn
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 9,522

Journal Archives

Bernie won the Ohio lawsuit! UPDATE

Husted saying now he will not appeal since he has so little time!

Bernie won the Ohio lawsuit!!!! UPDATE

per CNN Husted now saying he will not appeal since there is not enough time!!!!

If it hurts you that a majority thinks you are not honest and trustworthy...

then stop lying so much.

Imagine how good our Bernie and Jane must feel tonight, or technically this morning.

Scoring this unexpected big upset! I am so happy for them. And for all of us and for America. I am still so excited I can't sleep.

It was the debate that did it.

Bernie was fantastic in the debate on Sunday night. Probably the first time a lot of people really paid attention, and he hit it out of the park.

So the faux outrage over his rudeness to Hillary and finger-wagging at her was useless in the long run.

As was the auto bail-out lie...in fact, I think that lie back-fired big time.

And the people in Michigan truly understand the damage NAFTA did to the country. I think they responded to Bernie's passion about that.

I am so glad they had that debate!

My caucus in Red Wing MN....Bernie won 343-259!!!!!!

This was my first time to caucus and there was a HUGE crowd. It was difficult for everyone to get in the room...it was in a cafeteria in a middle school. Everyone was saying the turnout was unprecedented...much larger than 2008.

Unlike some other caucus states you do get a small piece of paper with the candidates listed and you mark your choice and put it in an envelope.

It was somewhat chaotic, but I didn't get the feeling that anyone left or didn't get to vote.

Now at 39, 724, 771. Bernie's wild idea...@ 6:38 PM Goal is 40,000,000. UPDATED.

We're gonna make it well before midnight!

The media talks non-stop about how Bernie can't get the black vote...

And so far he hasn't. But if he got the nomination, who would most black people vote for?

Did anyone get the email from Bernie showing the contributions as they happen?

It's mind-boggling!

Robert Reich on playing it safe...

This man is so wise...I wonder why he doesn't run for office? He nails it in this article.


Instead of “Yes we can,” many Democrats have adopted a new slogan this election year: “We shouldn’t even try.”

We shouldn’t try for single-payer system, they say. We’ll be lucky if we prevent Republicans from repealing Obamacare.

We shouldn’t try for a $15 an hour minimum wage. The best we can do is $12 an hour.

We shouldn’t try to restore the Glass-Steagall Act that used to separate investment and commercial banking, or bust up the biggest banks. We’ll be lucky to stop Republicans from repealing Dodd-Frank.
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