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Faygo Kid

Faygo Kid's Journal
Faygo Kid's Journal
April 15, 2012

My mother didn't have Ann Romney's privileges. But her story is better.

Mom had a high school diploma, but that was it. She was a Rosie the Riveter type in WWII, working at Packard (see below). She married a very bright guy who was an abuser, and my earliest memories are of sheltering my little brother before the police came as he beat her. But that's another story. Since she never received a dime from her abusive ex-husband, she went on welfare (gasp!) for about six months. Then she got a job doing laundry at a high school for 20+ years, and was beloved by all, even if she didn't make hedge fund manager wages. We were never hungry, and lived in our tidy and clean house.

My brother and I went on to be the first in our family to get college degrees, and more. In retirement, she was a nationally recognized doll maker, subject of many articles. I've never met a better person, and the HELL with those like Mitt Romney who spit on women trying to raise their kids alone.

Oh, I forgot to mention: Mom was the first woman in the USA to win the War Production Board award in WWII. You may recognize the other woman congratulating her.

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