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Qutzupalotl's Journal
Qutzupalotl's Journal
August 12, 2013

You've hit on an effective strategy for changing minds,

namely telling them they've been lied to. That avoids the defense mechanism of denial and makes you an ally with them against those who have lied to them. This can work on an individual level, one-to-one, but I don't see it happening on a large scale; so I'd have to come down on the A side. But that is no reason not to use it on a small scale.

Our differences are more cultural than ideological. Sure, the leaders are ideologues, but average RW voters vote for people who look and talk like them. They choose their congregation over what they see as hippies on our side. And it is a war to them, with the other side embodying everything evil.

Why do they vote against their interests? Two reasons. One is that they don't see the economic argument. But the other reason is that they are driven by religious zealotry; they are willing to sacrifice even their own economic benefit if they can elect people they think are "pure." So they don't mind keeping their own wages stagnant as long as taxes don't rise and the evil "baby killers" are not in power.

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