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Qutzupalotl's Journal
Qutzupalotl's Journal
November 26, 2016

I'm convinced the Obama hate was partly a reaction to our hate of W

except, as you noted, we didn't have to make anything up about him. He set up the surveillance state, instituted torture, invaded the wrong freaking country and had the worst domestic terrorism attack go through on his lack of watch.

In pointing out those things, we (myself included) called him every name in the book, illegitimate, *, the antichrist, Li'l Boots, you name it. The right heard this and it hurt their feelings. If they don't hear the backstory and don't know the details of history, they dismiss legitimate criticism as sour grapes if it comes sprinkled with insults. Insults make it easier to tune out criticism, so it never pierces the bubble.

So they came up with illegitimacy arguments (birtherism), blamed him for the debt (his "massive spending increase" was accounting for the off-the-books supplementals W used to fund the wars), blamed him for "bungling" the wars his predecessor started, blamed him for the surveillance state his predecessor built, and used the same constitutional arguments we did against domestic spying.

Now we're out of adjectives for the incoming shitstormtroopers. I think our best strategy is to stick to the constitutional viiolations, because that's about the only thing they hear. Suffering means nothing to them.

Trump will violate the emoluments clause unless he fully divests from his business interests. He cannot be seated by the electors or the House.

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