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I think that is a fair asessment. Your point will probably get lost here

or perhaps buried in the outrage.

People want to exaggerate any cricism of HRCís messaging into somehow being an attack on her candidacy. Thatís not what it was for; Pete wants us to improve our messaging, and is saying that particular message sounds like glossing over of Americaís problems. What we need more than everyone jumping on a bandwagon is people questioning how that bandwagon is steered.

America both is and is not great. Fantastic in some ways, but mired with longstanding problems like cyclical economic depressions and a history of deep racial division to put it mildly.

The voter hears weíre supposed to say America is Already Great and thinks: but what about my shitty wages? Why canít I afford healthcare? Why are cops shooting our kids?

To gloss over all that with a soundbite that is in the end a reaction to Trumpís rhetoric is a misstep and tone deaf. Pete is right to call it out.

And yes, itís first name Pete and first name Hillary. Everyone knows who weíre talking about and itís not a sign of disrespect, so people should chill about that. And listen to all the candidates explain themselves rather than write people off based on other DUersí spin about who is worthy.
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