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Qutzupalotl's Journal
Qutzupalotl's Journal
April 1, 2019

We have a ton of great candidates.

And I could be enthusiastic for almost any of them. I have always loved Warren, so many good ideas. I like Bernie’s message. Harris is likeable and effective. I was very impressed with Beto in his Senate campaign, so inspiring. This cycle, I started out a Biden supporter because I know he can win, and his elevation would signal our allies that we’re still with them. Then I saw Inslee on Maddow and was blown away. He’d be a great advocate for any of our causes. A skilled persuader.

When I first heard about Buttigieg, I thought he was just a spoiler, no way could a gay man win in this hate-filled country. But he speaks to our values as a nation better than just about anyone since Obama, and is a Rhodes Scholar like Bill.

Pete will tell you that as mayor, he has more executive experience than Trump. That may be a better barometer of capability than holding a higher office, because local government has to be more visible and responsive to constituents in a crisis. He has more military experience than any president since GHWB. He speaks eight languages, learning Arabic during deployment, and Norwegian just because he liked an author.

There is something about his brilliance that sets him apart from the other great candidates. He has the skills to turn questions about his experience into a positive. He can win back a sizeable chunk of the religious vote, speaking easily about how his faith informs his values of taking care of the poor, the sick and the stranger. I realize that will make atheists cringe, but he is “one of the good ones” — not trying to deny your rights but expand them, not trying to proselytize you, but just showing decency by example. He has a good riff on Pence too.

To listen to Pete for any length of time is to understand what he believes, and eventually you realize you agree with him and maybe always have. That’s why he has come out of nowhere to suddenly be tied for third in the polls, and I think will rise to the top and be an outstanding, unifying president.

(Edited to say 8 languages, not 5, and president rather than candidate. Thanks, everyone!)

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