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I think polls are missing a lot of rightfully angry women.

Think Kansas.

If I had to guess, I's say a shift of about 5% or so huge in political terms coming from women who won't tell a pollster their true feelings in front of their family, but alone in a voting booth can vote in their own interests.

Dobbs is still resonating, and a lot of people don't have the luxury of forgetting about it.

How in hell is pressuring a state to falsify an election

a protected legislative activity? It wasn't even the state be purportedly represents. The Senate was not in session. And it was part of a conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Keep in mind people are more siloed than ever, and might never hear about

all the terrible things Republicans do that we discuss here. Likewise we only hear a few outlines of what they are talking about. Both sides are acting according to their media input. Consider that if you heard about someone who was really eating babies, of course you'd want to stop them. They just lack the skills to differentiate true and false, but otherwise they act according to their beliefs as we do ours. They are your countrymen and women. They are political rivals but not enemies. Just some perspective.
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