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Yes. Morality politics unites.

Identity politics divides, splinters, and ultimately shrinks your base.

I hope Democrats will get more comfortable speaking in moral terms. If you think something is wrong, say so. You'll be surprised at how many will agree.

The drills are cover to cut the transatlantic cables

to disrupt international communications in advance of the Ukraine invasion. Putin can just move the exercises farther out in the Atlantic and do the same thing.

When Putin invaded Georgia, it was on the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympics. A dick move, to be so flagrant before the international community. I guess he thinks it gives people a couple of weeks to get used to the idea that they aren't leaving. This opening ceremony is Friday, so…

Great points. Rs used to respond to calling something wrong

in a moral sense. They still do it with their view on abortion, even if half-informed or ill-considered.

(I wonder whether they have tuned out the word “wrong” in a factual sense, now that they have accepted so many false beliefs about elections, Covid, Russia, you name it.)

Still, if they have any conscience left, stating your view that something is morally wrong will linger in the backs of their minds and nag at them for consideration.

I think the effect on them is stronger if we allow ourselves to be genuinely outraged and show it. They understand raw emotion and it seems to speak to them better than simple facts stated rationally.
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