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Indeed. Politics, not science, is the real issue.

Letter From the Editor: A Mess in Vermont

The Shocking Carbon Footprint of Compost


"Most people think of composting as a very "green" thing to do, but few realize that composting actually generates a significant amount of the potent greenhouse gases (GHG), methane and nitrous oxide. Yes, composting is better than putting organic wastes into a landfill, but it is not the ideal way to handle large volume, organic waste-streams like animal manure. The better option is anaerobic digestion which I will describe at the end of this post.

These Emissions Are Not A Scientific Surprise

To a microbiologist, it is not surprising that these gases would be generated during composting. Methane and nitrous oxide are formed by certain microbes when there is not enough oxygen available (anaerobic conditions). In the middle of a large-scale compost pile there are micro-sites without oxygen. This occurs even in a pile turned frequently for aeration. This is particularly true during the "hot" phase of the composting process which kills pathogens and weed seeds. During the period of very high oxygen demand, some parts of the pile will run short and the anaerobic organisms will make methane and nitrous oxide.


Well, I found it to be interesting, anyway.

Lawsuit: Whole Foods suppliers pressured to lie about the origin, quality of their fish


"That salmon you paid top dollar for at Whole Foods because you thought it had spent its youth frolicking in a Scottish fish farm might just be some fraud flown in from Chile.

The former head buyer for one of the nation’s biggest providers of Scottish smoked salmon claims in a federal lawsuit that her bosses pressured her to dupe major retailers into thinking they were buying prized Scottish salmon when they were instead getting a cheap Chilean catch.

Denise Chadwick of Clifton says she was fired by St. James Smokehouse on March 12, one day after she sent her boss an email warning of the potential for criminal charges if the feds got wind of what the company was up to, according to a whistleblower lawsuit she filed in U.S. District Court in Newark on Tuesday.

Chadwick, 60, said she’d become increasingly concerned that the Miami-based company could be violating U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations by labeling fish from Norway and Chile as “Product of Scotland,” the lawsuit says.



Hundreds of independent studies.

And thousands of peer-reviewed and post-publication criticized studies have been done.



Thanks for making my point.

Here are some of the thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show GMOs to be safe:


Now where are the legitimate studies that support the hyperbole of the anti-GMO movement?

And many other corporations. Monsanto is a small part of the GMO biz.

BTW, labeling GMOs is unsupported by the actual science and economics of the matter.

The Potential Impacts of Mandatory Labeling for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States

If we're going to discuss science, please be honest about things. Thanks.

The Truth About the Terminator

Also, GMO Skepti-Forum is a fantastic group.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GMOSF/

Incredible discussions there.

Food and Farm Discussion Lab is just as good, and goes into all kinds of great places.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FAFDL/

S#!T Ignorant People Say To Autistics


This is just plain awesome!

S#!T Ignorant People Say To Autistics


Simply awesome!
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