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Gender: Male
Current location: New Jersey
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 25,746

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You live to thank God that all your prayers have not been answered.

I'm an extremely happily married guy, with a wonderful wife of more than 30 years who did most of the work in raising my two very fine sons, has been a great lover, a great friend, and adviser, a helper, an intelligent and sober voice in my life.

For some reason, nothing like nostalgia, but just, I guess, curiosity, I decided to search the name of a woman with whom, as a young and foolish man, I thought I "loved" although, truth be told, I actually didn't know what love was then, not like I know it now.

The woman I thought I loved lives apparently in the back hills of San Diego county and is apparently, a red neck, makes stupid comments on her twitter account about how climate change is OK because there's carbon dioxide in beer, carries on endlessly about the wonders of marijuana, and re-tweets stupid remarks about "crooked Hillary."

Jesus. She's a damned Trumper nut case, probably pixilated out of her brain.

I thought I wanted to marry that woman. I was so devastated when it didn't work out, absolutely devastated, and even obsessed about her for a few years.

Thank God I got over that one!!! If my prayers had been answered, I'd be a bitter divorced man, freaked out with "what was I thinking!?!" kind of stuff; in short I'd be a mess.

To be fair, I looked up my wife's former big love. He's a NASA planetary scientist working on deep space probes like Cassini and Odyssey.

Well at least I can thank God that all my prayers have not been answered; I'm not so sure for my wife, but she loves me anyway. As my life approaches its end, that makes me an incredibly fortunate man, with thankfully 30 years of unremitting (and sexy) joy behind me, real love, real sharing, happiness I never imagined possible.

I'm a lucky guy.
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