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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 2,949

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Russia is behind the broad, ongoing cyber spy campaign against the U.S. government and private secto

Source: Washington Post

Russia is behind the massive, ongoing cyber spy campaign against the federal government and private sector, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday — the first Trump administration official to publicly blame Moscow for the computer hacks.

“This was a very significant effort, and I think it’s the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity,” said Pompeo in an interview with the Mark Levin Show.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/russia-is-behind-the-broad-ongoing-cyber-spy-campaign-against-the-us-government-and-private-sector-pompeo-says/2020/12/19/8c850cf0-41b3-11eb-8bc0-ae155bee4aff_story.html

Are these bastards going to use this to declare a state of emergency? Talk me down.

State electorates have a super power: Recall referenda

I mean, maybe some of the seditious members of Congress could experience consequences? Wait, what am I thinking.

How it must have looked to SCOTUS

Every so often I think of this 2018 photo

And wonder how precious little miss Parker Curry is doing. I think she’s 4 or 5 now. I look forward to her achieving great and powerful things in a couple of decades.

I figured out Guiliani's brown goo!

It's the protomolecule! Vomit zombie coming right up! (Shout out to The Expanse, and I realize the brown goo is so five minutes ago.)
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