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Fox Business Guest Uses ‘Spanking For Jesus’ To Attack Muslims

Bernard McGuirk, the executive producer of the radio program Imus in the Morning, on Thursday used the movement known as Christian Domestic Discipline to launch an attack on Muslims.

The obscure alternative lifestyle, which was thrown into the national spotlight on Wednesday, is based on the purportedly biblical teaching that husbands should have absolute authority over their wives. Men who practice Christian Domestic Discipline use corporeal punishment, primarily in the form of spanking, to assert their dominance over women.

“Of course you don’t have to be a Christian to practice this domestic discipline,” McGuirk said on the Fox Business Network. “It is called being a Muslim. That is essentially the way women are treated — what we are trying to save them from, I guess.”

The two women on the program, Deirdre Imus and Lis Wiehl, remarked the alternative lifestyle seemed to simply be domestic abuse dressed up in religious language.

“The problem is you can find anything in the Bible to justify anything you want,” Alan Combes added.



How Michael Moore deals with death threats: ‘My two lovers, Ben and Jerry’

Controversial liberal filmmaker Michael Moore sat down with “Viewpoint” host John Fugelsang on Thursday evening for a wide-ranging interview that included how he deals with the death threats he’s received after making films such as Sicko and Fahrenheit 9/11.

Fugelsang began by talking about how former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowdon highlighted data gathering that got his guest to agree with the likes of Glenn Beck.

“The difference between me and Glenn Beck is that when Bush did it, he was okay with it,” Moore corrected. “He’s not okay with it now, when — as Bill Maher says — President Blackenstein is in charge.”

“I grew up in a generation where it was a Democrat who escalated the Vietnam War, in which 58,000 Americans died and it sent countless millions, Southeast Asians, to their deaths. That was done by a Democrat and it was continued by the Republican Nixon. It was a Democrat who spied on Martin Luther King [Jr.].”

Fugelsang said it was “good for democracy” to point out the differences between conservatives and Republicans and progressives and Democrats. ”I think it wakes people out of the duopoly puppet show.”



Brazilian Revolt Claims First Fatality as Violence Erupts

By Joshua Goodman, Raymond Colitt and David Biller - Jun 21, 2013
Brazil’s swelling street rebellion claimed its first life in the largest and most violent night of protests yet, as 1 million demonstrators rallied for better public services and an end to corruption.

Marches took place in hundreds of cities across Brazil in what began as a peaceful evening of protest. Violence later erupted with police battling mobs trying to storm the Foreign Relations Ministry in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro’s city hall. In the city of Ribeirao Preto, an 18-year-old was killed when a vehicle accelerated into a crowd, the military police said. The Free Fare Movement that helped organize demonstrations in Sao Paulo said today it was calling off new protests there for now.

President Dilma Rousseff, who has been struggling to get in front of the mass movement, will meet with cabinet members today to discuss emergency measures to help quell violence and prepare proposals on education, health and other demands of protesters, a government official aware of her agenda said.

The movement triggered by an increase in bus fares this month has spread amid a groundswell of discontent among Brazil’s middle classes. While faster economic growth helped lift 40 million people out of poverty over the past decade, a recent slowdown and faster inflation threaten to erode social gains.

“The people have the grit to continue,” Natalia Lustoza, a 20-year-old college student, said in Brasilia. “The protests will only end when we see politicians solving our problems.”



Kerry Brings Obama’s Small-Arms Rebel Plan to Concerned European Nations

By David Lerman - Jun 20, 2013
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will confront concerns tomorrow from Mideast and European allies that a U.S. plan to send small arms won’t do enough to bolster Syrian rebels battling Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

The top U.S. diplomat is to meet in Doha, Qatar, with foreign ministers from 10 other countries backing the Syrian opposition. Some, such as Saudi Arabia and France, have pushed to provide greater firepower to rebels who say they need anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.

“The administration has a big challenge,” said Michael O’Hanlon, a defense analyst at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “It’s not clear that a few arms can make much of a difference. I see little evidence to back up that hope.”

Talks on Syria’s civil war, which has killed more than 93,000 people and driven more than 1.5 million refugees into neighboring countries, will be just the start of Kerry’s 11-day trip to seven countries. Efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons are among contentious issues on an itinerary that includes stops in Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and India.

Kerry arrives in Qatar after a flap there this week stole attention from the announcement of plans for talks with the Taliban on a peace agreement in Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai objected when the Taliban opened a Doha office under the name it used when it controlled Afghanistan and initially said his government wouldn’t participate in the negotiations.



U.S. Stocks Little Changed After Largest Drop Since 2011

By Sarah Jones and Inyoung Hwang - Jun 21, 2013
U.S. stocks were little changed, paring an earlier rally, following the biggest plunge since November 2011 for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

CarMax Inc. (KMX) rose 0.6 after quarterly earnings that topped analysts’ estimates. Facebook Inc. increased 1.3 percent after adding video to its Instagram photo-sharing service for smartphones. Oracle Corp. (ORCL) tumbled 7.9 percent after reporting a second straight quarter of sales that missed estimates.

The S&P 500 climbed 0.1 percent to 1,590.25 at 10:31 a.m. in New York, paring an earlier rally of as much as 0.7 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 24.42 points, or 0.2 percent, to 14,782.74. Trading of S&P 500 companies was 127 percent higher than the 30-day average. Stock trading may be more volatile than usual as futures and options contracts expire in a process known as quadruple witching.

“There was an element of the market that was surprised by the aggressive timetable outlined by the Fed, but I don’t think it should be seen as too negative,” said Henk Potts, who helps oversee $282 billion as an equity strategist at Barclays Plc’s Wealth unit in London. “The U.S. economy is now going to be doing the heavy lifting rather than artificial stimulus. In the short term it has hit sentiment, but in the longer term we are advising clients to buy on weakness.”



Farm Law Rejection Another Embarrassment for Boehner

By Roxana Tiron, Derek Wallbank and Alan Bjerga - Jun 20, 2013
House Speaker John Boehner lost support from more than one-fourth of his Republican colleagues as the chamber rejected a $939 billion agricultural-policy bill, the latest in a series of embarrassments handed to him by his own party.

Sixty-two Republicans joined Democrats in the 195-234 defeat of the measure yesterday. Many members of the speaker’s party opposed the legislation’s crop-subsidy provisions while Democrats were displeased over cuts to the food-stamp program.

The vote shows how difficult it will be for Boehner to gain passage of other legislative initiatives including an immigration law rewrite, raising the nation’s debt limit and changing the tax system. Republicans control the House 234-201.

“It is an embarrassment for the entire Republican conference,” Republican strategist John Feehery said in an interview yesterday. “They need to figure out how to legislate this year. If they don’t, it doesn’t bode well for immigration or fiscal negotiations.”

The rejection of the farm bill is the latest of several legislative defeats for Boehner. In February 2011, Republicans were seven votes short of extending provisions of the Patriot Act; in September 2011 a temporary spending bill failed when more than 40 Republicans voted against it.



How PRISM Sends Your Private Data Overseas

Chris Dignes, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Date: 19 June 2013 Time: 11:03 AM ET

When defense contractor Edward Snowden leaked secret National Security Agency documents to the media on June 6, the initial public outcry focused on how America's communications intelligence service had kept track of the telephone, and possibly the online, activities of its own citizens.

Government officials quickly made clear that the online-activity-monitoring program revealed by Snowden, called PRISM, targeted only foreign nationals.

United States "persons" — citizens and residents protected by the Fourth Amendment — were said to not be part of its scope.

Yet PRISM data was shared with Britain's communications intelligence service, GCHQ, and possibly with a Dutch intelligence service. In fact, the United States and several other countries all regularly see each others' communications intelligence.

That raises a question: If the NSA can't directly spy on Americans, does it get around that rule by letting trusted, allied intelligence services do so? Does the NSA then get that data through an information-sharing agreement? And do allied countries rely on the NSA to spy on their own citizens?



U.S. Charges Two New Yorkers With Building 'Death Ray' Aimed At Killing 'Enemies Of Israel'

Suspect with links to Ku Klux Klan approached Albany synagogue and Jewish group to help in bizarre plot to build 'Hiroshima on a light switch.' ABC News: One of the targets - Obama.
By Chemi Shalev | Jun.20, 2013 | 2:14 AM

U.S. Federal authorities in Albany New York have charged two men with conspiring to manufacture a remote-controlled “death ray” to be used against “enemies of Israel” – mainly Muslims.

Glenn Scott Crawford, 49, of Galway, New York and Eric J. Feight, 54, of Hudson, New York, were arrested by the FBI following a 15-month covert investigation in which Federal agents posed as co-conspirators in an attempt to build “a mobile, remotely operated, radiation emitting device capable of killing human targets silently and from a distance with lethal doses of radiation,” according to an affidavit submitted to the court by FBI investigator Geoffrey Kent.

The investigation was launched in April 2012, after Crawford, who is employed as an industrial mechanic for General Electric in Schenectady, allegedly contacted an Albany synagogue and an unidentified Jewish organization asking to speak with a person “who might be willing to help him with a type of technology that could be used by Israel to defeat its enemies - specifically by killing them while they slept.”

Crawford, who is affiliated with several branches of the Ku Klux Klan, succeeded in persuading a “high-ranking” KKK leader in North Carolina to help fund the project. He also recruited Feight, who is described as “an outside GE contractor with mechanical and engineering skills” to design and build a remote control apparatus that would allow the truck-mounted, industrial strength X-ray apparatus to be activated from a distance.

According to Kent’s affidavit, Crawford and Feight were recorded referring to their intended victims as “medical waste.” Crawford described his contraption as “Hiroshima on a light switch” saying that it would cause “everything with respiration to be dead by morning.”



DuckDuckGo Search Engine Gets Boost After PRISM Scandal

The 'anonymous' search engine DuckDuckGo is getting a boost off the PRISM scandal that is putting big tech companies like Google and Apple to shame.

DuckDuckGo, a search engine that claims it gives its users complete anonymity, has seen a 33 percent increase in users since the NSA news broke over a week ago, said founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg on CNBC's Closing Bell Tuesday.

"We always knew people didn't want to be tracked, but what hadn't happened was reporting on the private alternatives and so it's no surprise that people are making a choice to switch to things that that will give them great results and also have real privacy," Weinberg said.

Basically, most tech companies store user information—like searches, email account data, searches on social platforms—in data warehouses, so that it can be accessed again. But DuckDuckGo opts to throw any of that information away and not to save it, Weinberg said.
While the default settings on the search engine are set to not track users' searches or any personal information, if a user changes these settings, information about the user could still leak out, according to the company's privacy policy.



Twitter Lawyer Appointed To Top White House Aide Job

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration has appointed Twitter lawyer Nicole Wong to a new senior advisory position to focus on internet and privacy policy, a White House official said on Thursday.

Wong will work with federal Chief Technology Officer Todd Park, and will join the White House as Obama focuses more attention and resources on fighting hackers.

Her appointment comes as the Obama administration grapples with issues that arose from the U.S. government’s surveillance of internet and phone communications in its anti-terrorism effort.

Rick Weiss, a spokesman for the White House Office of Science and Technology, said Wong is joining as deputy U.S. chief technology officer and will work with Park on Internet, privacy and technology issues.

“She has tremendous expertise in these domains and an unrivaled reputation for fairness, and we look forward to having her on our team,” Weiss said


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