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Gender: Male
Current location: Cleveland Ohio
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 45,558

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You want to know why the main stream media has shifted so far to the right....

Just look at the demographics.

The people who still watch the network news are 50 plus while the cable news channel skew the same.

Just look at what they advertise and you will get a real good idea of who watches this crap.

Is it any wonder that the market dictates the message? Give the watchers what they want.

So many people 40 and younger have never watched a evening news broadcast that the powers that be know this could very well be the last stand of the white male elite.

Hundreds of homeless Gulf War area vets in every big city and yet....

not one banker is spending any time in jail...

These guys who look the other way when the vets come home are the same who look away at the monetary cataclysm these bankers inflicted on our economy...

Forgot the most important word in the title...

Recommended just because it is another example of how privatization is changing

everything in our culture....

Think about it, once a profit motive is introduced into an activity that should be result based regardless of profit, the outcome will be skewed from what is good for the people involved to what is in the best interests of those who invested in the scheme...

I've been in and out of various hospitals over the last 30 years or so....

At last count I have been in the hospital for a total of 125 days, give or take a couple of hours for drunken wounds and childhood mishaps...

I am amazed at how much stuff has changed.

I remember being able to smoke in the stairwells back in the 70's.

Tonight I have my computer with wifi at real great speed. I also have cable with a couple pay stations for free.

There is great competition amongst the different hospital systems here in Cleveland, Ohio. It seems we are a sick bunch of people. But the world famous Cleveland Clinic, I am at a satellite hospital right now, is always flying in big shots from all over the world to get worked on.

The one thing I can abide though is how bland the food has gotten over the years.

MrsWCGreen was kind enough to bring me granola bars, vitamin waters and crackers and peanut butter to get through the crappy food.

I remember when I was in the hospital in Columbus I would order pizzas to be delivered to my room that I shared with another bed, sometimes full, sometimes empty.

Last night I watched the second episode of The Hatfield's and McCoys off the history channel website. Good headphones I brought in and it shuts down the din that ebbs and flows through the day...

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