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Proposed Los Angeles Council District 5 to unify white affluent homeowners

My neighborhood is currently represented by progressive council member Nithya Rama, who has been serving us well in her first term. The current district itself is very diverse, including Hollywood, Silverlake, and adjacent portions of the San Fernando Valley (NorthHollywood, etc.)

A proposed District would bundle affluent white homeowners into a dingle new District, extending from Brentwood to the border of Koreatown. See the following map (Draft Map # 53505 ):

Deliberately excluded are areas with concentrations of renters, Latino communities, and commercial areas directly impacting the adjacent residential areas. The proposed District consists almost entirely of white, affluent homeowners, creating a council seat dedicated solely to their interests.

My local neighborhood association has sent out a strong, almost hysterical sounding mass email insisting we MUST support this new District. They have also insisted that recipients email three copies to their friends, in true chain letter fashion. The email of course lacks any analysis of the map or of alternative maps.

I am opposed to this map as endorsing a form of residential segregation. Also I like Nithya Raman and would hate to be written out of her district.

Are there any DUers from Los Angeles involved in this process who can provide advice?


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