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Tom Kitten

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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,054

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Big Meadow and the Sawtooth Ridge

X is for X-File

O is for OMG!

L is for Locomotive

After the Ice Fell



La Brea

Willamette Falls, the end of the Oregon Trail


A little bit of color for a dreary November... I took these with my phone camera last week...right now it's the only camera I have that works!

Pot of Gazanias

These I took earlier during the summer when my echinopsis cacti bloomed. Several times in fact! Sadly the blooms only last a day or so. All in all I had five blooms. One cactus had two blooms at once!


The phone camera is pretty impressive, you can get pretty close to an object. However I have noticed the blue washed out effect probably glare, I tried compensating for it with photoshop. Didn't do any color adjusting, the gazanias especially do get that bright!
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