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Food for thought; what if "the base" isn't what you think it is?

There's a common catcall around here that Clinton is out of touch with the progressive base, i.e all those people that prefer Bernie. But what if the party is shifting along with the demographics of much of the nation? The US is bit by bit becoming less- dominated by white, Christian males; Trump is having a field day capitalizing on that fear. So what if the more important base of the party starts to become people like this;

and this

and this

and not so much this;

Perhaps the Sanders supporters can try online threats, that seems to work well

Bernie Sanders’s Supporters Press Hillary Clinton’s Superdelegates to Flip

Mr. Sanders and his backers are trying to cut into Mrs. Clinton’s large lead in pledged delegates by prying away some of her superdelegates. Rank-and-file Sanders activists have taken it upon themselves to assist, using social media, emails and phone calls in ways that have created a backlash among the very people Mr. Sanders is hoping to win over.

A California superdelegate backing Mrs. Clinton, Bob Mulholland, wrote a letter to Mr. Sanders this week saying the outreach to superdelegates from Sanders voters has gotten offensive, including calls coming late at night. Other superdelegates said they have gotten unwanted calls at work from Sanders backers, or have seen their Facebook pages flooded with warnings of political repercussions for supporting Mrs. Clinton.

1) Many AREN'T women, 2) Bernie himself called out the misogyny in his base

Bernie Sanders Tells Berniebros To Knock It Off — ‘We Don’t Want That Crap’

“We don’t want that crap”: Sanders repudiates sexist “Bernie Bro” supporters

Sanders slams sexist ‘Bernie bro’ supporters: ‘I don’t want that crap, I don’t want them’
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