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Pretty sure this lie was debunked a month or so ago, but I'll do it again

3,023,373 is the reported Hillary margin.

Around 230,000 participated in the Washington St. caucus; if Sanders carried the state at 72.7%, that'd be a net of 104,420.

122,000 for Colorado, a 59% win nets 21,960.

46,000 for Maine, 64.3% win nets 13,156.

We're at 2,883,837, with the rest that may not have been included in the total...Alaska, Wyoming will only add negligible amounts.

Many...many. many...more people have voted for Hillary Clinton than for Bernie Sanders this primary season. No amount of obfuscated #berniemath can affect #realmath.

The superdelegates traditionally vote for the person who wins the most pledged delegates

So their role can at most be described as rubber-stamped ceremonial.

At the beginning, particularly after NH, Camp Sanders smugly assumed that their populist message would carry the day, that he would win the most pledged delegates and the overall (though symbolic) popular vote. They stamped and screamed about the superdelegates who had already pledged to Hillary, demanding that they be dissolved or compelled to vote for him so as to not counter the will of the voting public. It was insider politics, collusion, and so on, if they supers did not switch to him at the convention.

But a funny thing happened along the way to Bernie's coronation; he found he has zero appeal with people of color, women, and registered Democrats, thus he is now in an practically insurmountable pledged delegate hole. his only chance now...irony of ironies...is for the supers to do what he feared they'd do for Hillary; jump ship and vote for who they wanted rather than who the voters wanted.

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