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ewagner's Journal
ewagner's Journal
December 2, 2018

Wisconites...can you proof this for me?


I’m sure all my Wisconsin friends, both Republican and Democratic, have heard the details of the proposed lame duck session on Tuesday of next week when the Republican Party Controlled State Legislature will try (and probably successfully) undermine the will of the voters in last November’s mid-term elections.

True, thanks to court-challenged and yet to be resolved gerrymandering, Republicans maintained their majority in both houses of the legislature. But it is equally true that they did so on the basis of promises that they agreed with the stated desire of the public that health care exclusion of pre-existing conditions were NOT what they wanted and yet, Fitzgerald and Voss are proposing legislation to prevent the newly elected Attorney General from withdrawing from a law suit that would allow insurance companies to carry on with this practice. Many Republicans ran under the “cover” of saying they were in favor of prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and now they are proving that their support was just another cheap campaign ploy. They are showing their hypocrisy.

The same hypocrisy holds true for the effort to be taken up in the Lame Duck Session on early voting. Republicans claim loudly and boldly to support voting integrity and yet they will try to limit access to the ballot box by limiting the time in which Wisconsin residents can cast their vote early.

The people of Wisconsin voted decisively that new leadership in Wisconsin’s state-wide offices was wanted. This Executive Branch experienced a near-total house cleaning to provide new leadership to the State of Wisconsin and again, in a naked and crass power grab, the Republic-controlled legislature seeks to thwart the will of the voters.

To place a fig leaf over their naked aggression Republicans are using two arguments.

The first is simply that the electors put them back in office; they have the votes, so they can do anything they want. Not true. The people of Wisconsin voted for those state wide offices on the basis of issues and as stated above they spoke loudly and clearly about where they stand on those issues. And, as also stated above, many Republicans running for re-election AGREED with the same issues upon which the Governor and the other members of the executive branch were elected. The actions of the Republican legislature not only reveals the hypocrisy of the those Republicans who were re-elected, but also raises a proverbial middle finger to the will of the voters who entrusted them to carry out their promises.

The other argument I hear from the Republican rank-and-file is “this isn’t a democracy, it’s a Republic and you (insert your choice: liberals, libtards, snowflakes) don’t understand this.” On the contrary my friends it is you who do not understand that we are a democratic republic. We elect our members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government to reflect our will as we have the opportunity to express it.

Without much hope that any of these words will have influence with my Republican friends, I respectfully ask you to reject the proposals put forth in the Lame Duck Session and serve the people of Wisconsin as statesmen with an eye toward respecting the institutions of our State of Wisconsin as opposed to power-hungry politicians.

January 17, 2018

This is significant!


A district that was gerrymandered bright red....and...a democrat won a special election....

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