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ewagner's Journal
ewagner's Journal
December 1, 2020


Had to chair a meeting this morning with 3 hard-core Repubs..

One isn't too bad...he holds a position of responsibility in county government and knows how to temper his remarks and behavior in polite company

Another sits smugly only occasionally passing notes or whispers to the third party.

The other? One is a newly elected state official and she DRIVES ME NUTS...She doesn't wait to be recognized and proudly spouts party-line mantras without fear. Today's meme-de-jour was "THE FAT LADY HASN'T SUNG YET!" Backed this up with quotes from RW radio extolling the virtues of the latest Republican law suit against the election in Wisconsin.

I lost it a couple of times.

God help us ...we have at least two more years to put up with these people.

September 6, 2020

Did the court rule on Kayne West's appeal to get on the ballot?

Friday, I visited with our county clerk who was almost glued to his newsfeed...


Because he has ordered $20,000 of printed ballots which will become scrap paper if West's appeal is granted....

I think there are 71 other clerks in the same position

September 5, 2020

Trump and the "Southern Strategy".

Yes, Trump is taking a page out of the Nixon playbook....even back then, LBJ knew it would be used and that the Democratic party would (according to LBJ) "..lose the south for a generation or more"

The strange thing about Trump's use of the "southern strategy" is that is isn't confined to the traditional south anymore, it can be activated even in the midwest. In order to make it work he needs to count on one thing. RAGE!

Rage knows no geographical home. It can be used anywhere. So...whenever you create resentment (say white resentment) and public officers (police) act with impunity against people of color, you can instigate lawlessness and then promise to stop the lawlessness you created. And...you can repeat it over and over again. You can also escalate it too...

You can stoke the flames and energize both the protests and the backlash and even better yet, if you can get the two sides to confront each other you can foment even more viiolence.

The hardest part for our side is to contain the rage. Police OURSELVES so police/national guard ..whatever...won't have to intervene. Eliminate their excuse to attack which will only escalate the violence. Make the police DEFEND US...NOT THE GUN-TOTING counter-protestors.

Just my humble opinion.

August 30, 2020

We need "boots and heels" on the ground

Of course, the boots should be Joe Biden's and the Heels, are Kamala's...

I'm seeing waaaaayyyy too many Trump/Tiffany/Rozar signs and when I went to another community I see the Trump+some other idiot+plus another local idiot signs...

Worse yet I'm seeing a lot of "My Governor is an Idiot" signs popping up along with "Impeach Tony Evers" signs...One on Neceda at the intersection of Hwys 80 and 21 said "Vote for Trump make the Libs cry again".

This may be a minority but they are visible and they are coordinated.

We need Joe and Kamala here to raise some excitement and solidify their support here.

Frankly...these right wingers are beginning to scare me...

April 11, 2020

May Special Election 7th Congressional District

It is reported that Governor Evers is "taking a look" at postponing the Special Election to pick the successor to Sean Duffy. I can understand why he wants to after all the trouble with the April 7 election.


Generally, I would be in favor of postponing it. What's crazy about this election is that it was delayed so long that the winner of the May election would have to turn around and start campaigning for re-election in November. So putting it off until the General election in November makes some sense. The people of the 7th CD haven't had a voice in congress since Duffy retired/resigned but you could also argue that they weren't truly represented while Duffy was in office.

But there's something else to consider.

What if Evers used the May election as an experiment in all mail-in voting or maybe even "drive-in" voting? It could be used as a test for the November elections where we could find the glitches and correct them before November. This might assure a higher percentage of participation in both the May and November elections.

Just a thought.....

Opinions? Comments?

April 1, 2020

Crap...Bernie is on TV asking us to delay primary...

I understand why he wants it but in Wisconsin our local offices are up for re-election in the non-partisan elections...

By statute they have to be elected on the second Tuesday of April and be seated (sworn in) by the 3rd Tuesday in April. There isn't any provision by statute of delaying that election and it DOES NOT provide that the current officials hold office until their successor is elected/sworn in. This is a problem that I don't think Bernie understands.

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