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ewagner's Journal
ewagner's Journal
September 6, 2020

Did the court rule on Kayne West's appeal to get on the ballot?

Friday, I visited with our county clerk who was almost glued to his newsfeed...


Because he has ordered $20,000 of printed ballots which will become scrap paper if West's appeal is granted....

I think there are 71 other clerks in the same position

September 5, 2020

Trump and the "Southern Strategy".

Yes, Trump is taking a page out of the Nixon playbook....even back then, LBJ knew it would be used and that the Democratic party would (according to LBJ) "..lose the south for a generation or more"

The strange thing about Trump's use of the "southern strategy" is that is isn't confined to the traditional south anymore, it can be activated even in the midwest. In order to make it work he needs to count on one thing. RAGE!

Rage knows no geographical home. It can be used anywhere. So...whenever you create resentment (say white resentment) and public officers (police) act with impunity against people of color, you can instigate lawlessness and then promise to stop the lawlessness you created. And...you can repeat it over and over again. You can also escalate it too...

You can stoke the flames and energize both the protests and the backlash and even better yet, if you can get the two sides to confront each other you can foment even more viiolence.

The hardest part for our side is to contain the rage. Police OURSELVES so police/national guard ..whatever...won't have to intervene. Eliminate their excuse to attack which will only escalate the violence. Make the police DEFEND US...NOT THE GUN-TOTING counter-protestors.

Just my humble opinion.

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