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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,693

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The people of Zimbabwe express their true feelings.Good riddance to Mugabe!

The people of Zimbabwe express their true feelings! Goodbye and good riddance to the old dictator!

One of my strongest beliefs is that the role of government is to promote the general prosperity, not of oligarchs, not of kleptocrats, not of one race, not of one ruling faction—EVERYONE. Robert Mugabe failed in this and failed his country miserably. Sandalistas and self-appointed keepers of the flame may prattle about British colonialism, but Mugabe had 37 years to make Zimbabwe a prosperous, multi-ethnic State. Instead, he and his followers ran his country’s economy into the ground to maintain power and to enrich his friends and allies.

I hoped Zimbabwe would have a better future when white rule ended. I hoped that post-Rhodesian Zimbabwe would be a beacon of prosperity and democracy in a continent of states cursed with poverty and endemic corruption. I was disappointed.

I have come to believe that the Republican Party is an amoral party

Dedicated to maintaining its hold on power and serving kleptocracy. The Republican Party has thrown the interests of the average man and woman in the USunder the bus, shamelessly prostitutes itself to the fossil fuel industry and banksters, and has ceased to give a rat’s rump about the long-term interests of the people and the republic of the United States of America. Their professions of patriotism and devotion to the US Constitution are hollowed-out fables and their leadership aspires to service.the oligarchy, not the common man and woman.

The willingness of today’s Republican Party to plot with agents of unfriendly powers shamefully demonstrates that this is not a party devoted to the republic of the USA, but a corrupt, Latin-American-style oligarchical Party. In sum, a banana Republican Party.

I do not say this lightly. I come from a family of older-school Republicans, ones that were genuine patriots and feared the rise of authoritarianism. Nevertheless I believe what I just wrote is true.

The Senator from Bubble-Stan thinks that repealing the ACA will help Donnie get re-elected

About the only people likely to vote for Donnie because their health insurance premiums remain low after Donnie nuked the exchanges are the young, healthy, silver-spooned Trevors and Muffies from wealthy Republican enclaves, and there aren't nearly enough of them to get so much as a plurality, even WITH vote-tampering.

Districts demographics can change

Mr. Ossoff's chances might be better now than they would have been twenty five years ago. GA-6's voters aren't quite so Lily-white as they were back when it was Newt's seat.

Districts do change. Out in California, Bob Dornan's district seemed solidly Republican and a safe place from which to bait Latinos--until the voters replaced him with Loretta Sanchez.

Maybe touting Trumpcare might cause Handel to pay the Price. Heh-heh-heh

The Anti-Abortion Movement Is Notoriously Untruthful

Why should PP believe Thump's "compromise" offer, even if they were willing to accept it? The anti-abortion movement is notoriously dishonest and untruthful. Even if PP was willing to "compromise," the rabid right would STiLL yank funding because they thought birth control caused abortion, because PP provides minors access to birth control, because contraceptives "promote promiscuity," or some other sorry-@$$ claim.

The gall of Republicans claiming that they're champions of the family continues to amaze me

The Republicans have been the biggest enablers of corporate policies that drive working parents to economic stress and divorce and the most hostile to such policies as maternity leave and day care support for working mothers.

There's no fool like an old fool! One of my Dad's favorite lines

My Dad was fond of saying "There's no fool like an old fool!" when some politician or public figure did or said something egregiously stupid or reactionary. Mind you, my Dad was what was once considered to be moderate conservative, a GOP faction now reduced to being little more than useful-idiot status to aid the Ryans' and the Kochs' reactionary agendas.

Regardless of my Dad's political opinions, I still believe that he was right. Several decades of living can give you experience as to who's who and what's what. Used properly, it gives you the experience to go with the observation to inform you who is lying to you, who is incompetent, and what looks like Bee S.

Figuring out which politicians or broadcasters (secular and religious both) were lying to you isn't that hard or all that time-consuming. I believe anyone with a high school diploma and average intelligence can do it.

My beef with Trump voters is that they had days, weeks, months, and years to figure out that Trump and the Republicans were lying to them and they refused to pick up the tools provided by experience, literacy, and, I'll say it, prayer and meditation to make wiser choices this fall, AND THEY REFUSED TO USE THEM.

My belief about older Trump voters is they go-created what's about to fall on them (And the rest of us too) and they were old enough to know better.

I have come to believe that today's Republican Party has turned into an oligarchical party

I believe that today's Republican Party has turned into an oligarchical party. I know this isn't news here at DU, but I don't think most of us realize what sort of oligarchical party the Republican Party has transformed itself into. I strongly believe that the GOP has turned itself into an oligarchical party with behaviors and norms of a typical 20th century Latin American oligarchical party found in Central America, South America, and the Spanish Caribbean.

We've got most of the behaviors of an oligarchy: the use of the state for self-enrichment, corruption of the electoral process, the refusal to use the power of the state to better the lot of the common man and woman.

But we also have: the use of race-baiting and the disdain for darker-skinned folks, attacks on political dissident, and a tolerance for foreign meddling in its internal affairs.

One of the entertaining ironies of this elections is that alt-right and more garden-variety immigrant-bashers have unwittingly collaborated in creating the same sorts of political and economic structures that so many of those darker-skinned people fled when they crossed into the USA.

But I'm not going to say "Congratulations" Señor Tromp.

I'm superstitious about celebrating before the fact, but

I'm thinking that some of the folks over at the other place deserve heaping helpings of ridicule.

Having had some of my posts deleted here and there over the years for purported (but non-existent) sexual innuendo and alleged (but non-existent) obscenity, I intend to keep my posts PG rated, but thoroughly unpleasant.

I wouldn't be surprised if Steve King thinks that

putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar would somehow undermine property rights because she helped bought-and-paid-for slaves escape to freedom.
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