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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

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So, little andy breitbart is dead.


I never wish death on anyone and I understand that he leaves a family behind. I never wish for a family to be broken apart. In this case though, maybe an upside is that mom can get a sane step-dad eventually.

Compassion for this little piss bag or mourning for his loss? Forget it!

Aside from all of the other reasons that other DUers have stated for having no sympathy for that walking bag of shit's death, I have one other point to add.

breitbart, as well as all of the other puss ball shit holes like him, would have only one reaction to any feelings of compassion that we on the left may express for his dying.

They would look on it with contempt as a sign of our weakness.

I will never give those hateful bastards the satisfaction.

Too bad his family lost a husband and father, but my eulogy for breitbart can only be given in one way.

I'll deliver it after eating a large can of baked beans and drinking a big bottle of Pepsi. It'll be real smelly so deaf people could enjoy it too!


My son made me proud IN A DREAM not long ago.

Before I elaborate, let me say that my son, who will be 12 at the end of this month, frequently makes my wife and I proud. Being the age he is, however, frequently he makes us want to kick his little round rump into the middle of next week.

A few nights ago, I was having a nice night's sleep. I had a dream that bain romney was up here in Maine and my family and I had the misfortune of being in his path as he was working his "magic" with the public. He approached my family and, speaking to my son first, he shook his hand and offered him 3 bain romney buttons "for your folks and you". The funny thing about this dream is that it would be HIGHLY unlikely that bain romney would approach my African American son or my Puerto Rican wife unless he had an army of photographers present to record how well he related to the "Peasants and the little Brown People".

Anyway, in my dream, my son politely and respectfully shook bain romney's hand and then handed the buttons back telling him that our family wouldn't need them and that we were actively supporting President Obama's re-election.

I know that this was just a dream. However, what makes me proud is the fact that I know that this is EXACTLY how my son would react in such a situation, even at his young age.

Also, given how I expect this fall's election campaign to progress, I don't think we'll see bain romney up here in Maine again unless he takes a Summer vacation here after getting his ass handed to him at either his convention or in the General Election.

I thought that some of you might enjoy this. I did. It's my 2 cents and quite possibly overpriced at that!


Hello from Maine. We caucaused today!

I live in Augusta, the state capitol. The turnout was way lower than 2008, about 60 people in all. We, of course, voted to re-elect President Obama. We heard from one of the Senate candidates and surrogates from the other 2, as well as for Chellie Pingree. I'll be a delegate to the state convention and I was selected as the recording secretary of the city Democratic committee. I had an opportunity to speak briefly on how well President Obama has done and how horrible little ricky santorum would be. I was very impressed with our candidate for DA of Kennebec and Somerset county and see her as a potential future candidate for Governor or Senator.

All in all, a pretty good day.

That was just my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that.


This almost 57 year old white guy wants 2012 to be even more of a year of the woman than 1992!

I'm running this up the flagpole. Some of you may salute and some of you may pee on the pole.

There are many women that I love in my life. Among them are my mother-in-law, sisters-in-jaw, neices and grand-neices. I love the memory of my little sister who left this world at a far too young age of 29 in 1996. I love my wife's best friend and her life partner who is also a woman. I love my best friend's wife in a purely platonic and respectful manner. My older sister and I have never liked each other, but I at least wish her no harm.

There are 2 women, however, that I love more than any others. They are my wife and my mother.

In WWII, my mother packed meat and had my sister while my father was overseas. After this, she worked while my father went to college on the GI bill. She went to Dayton, Ohio with him when he was recalled for the Korean War and was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. After the war, she was raising my sister and I and keeping a great home while my father screwed around at every opportunity.

In 1962 my bastard of a father took off and married my step mother (whom I eventuall developed a small level of love and respect for) in such a rotten way that he was on his honeymoon before my mother even knew she was divorced. Remember that at that time there were no "deadbeat dads". There were "aggressive young business executives with a take no prisoners attitude". In the face of all this, she moved my sister and I into a nice apartment, went to work at the bank that would employ her for the 20+ years until she retired. When she didn't have the proverbial pot to pee in, she kept us in a warm and safe place where we were never hungry. She did all of this in the face people saying that she was "hot to trot", "didn't know how to take care of a husband", "a woman's place is in the home", "she's really a lesbian" and all the other stereotypical baloney that men used to shovel onto women at that time. I never had any idea when we were broke . She never let on that she was lonely. She never once said a negative word about my bastard father to me even though he was always bad mouthing her. My mother wasn't educated, so thought she was stupid. In reality, she was a clear thinker with more common sense than most ever have.

For most of her life, she believed that different races shouldn't mix, but my Irish Catholic mother grew to love and respect my Puerto Rican wife and, in her nearly 85 years of life loved NOBODY as mich as she did my African American son. a few years before she died, she told us that when she did go, her spirit was going to follow my son. If anybody gave him a hard time for being black, they wouldn't know where the kick in the ass came from, but they'd sure as hell FEEL IT!

Yes, she could be a big pain in the ass, but she was a great woman and a great human being.

My wife is my partner, my lover, my best friend and the woman I raise a child with. She is beautiful. She is way smarter than I am. She puts up with more BS from me that I can imagine. She is, simply put, the most remarkable and wonderful and beautiful woman ever put on the face of this earth. My love and respect for her knows no bounds. She has done many things in arts and crafts in the time we've been together. She has decided that she didn't like some of them. She has never done any of them badly. When she was a teacher, she was creative, inspirational and knowledgable. She is the best math teacher I've ever seen and she had the amazing ability to make her lessons seem like an adventure that she and the kids were making discoveries together.

To papaphrase an incredibly sexist commercial campaign from the bad old days, "My wife, I hope she keeps me!"

With these 2 fantastic women, who have and will continue to make such a major impact in my life, respect and high regard for women is hard wired into my system.

My marriage to one and my memory of the other are the reason that I practically tremble with fury when I think of the disgraceful "hearing" that was perpetrated by the republicans headed by grand theft auto izza and assisted by the 5 stooges who are, in GOP land, the experts in women's health based on their decades old degrees in theology. I thought that they were bad before, but seroiusly, a war on friggin' rubbers?

Their cluelessness is beyond incredible. Their contempt for women is detestable. Their stupidity is apparently beyond bounds and bottomless. Apparently, they believe that sarah palin(comparison)'s "mama grizleys" are an actual political force. In a near bushian stroke of "genius", they seem to think that the best way to get women to vote for then is to disrespect the entire gender.

I would be voting a straight Democratic ticket this year no matter what happened given the current state of the teabagger/fundie/koch/limbooger dominated republican party.

When I think of their disgraceful contempt for women and when I think of the remarkable woman who is my wife and the remarkable woman who was my mother, I want the republicans to lose very badly. I want President Obama to win 40+ states in a huge landslide that carries the baggers right out of the House and into small numbers in the Senate. I want the teabaggers and fundies to be absolutely repudiated and humiliated in a historic rout that wouldn't give even fox any grounds to rationalize.

For those 2 wonderful women that I love so much, I promise to do all I can do to make that happen.

Maria and mom, this one's for YOU!

Thanks for reading my rant. It's my 2 cents, and possibly overpriced at that.


I watched "Top Secret Rosies" on Netflix & compared it grand theft auto izza's "hearing" today. WOW

It is a very good documentary about a group of brilliant women mathematicians (spelling?) who worked in secret in the war effort and whose contributions GREATLY contributed to victory in the war.

While everybody knew about "Rosie the Riveter" (or in my mom's case, a "Marie the Meat Packer", nobody knew about these women who WERE the computers. In the days before "computer" was a machine, it was someone who was exceptionally skilled in figureing out all of the possibilities.

Most of these women went on to have remarkable lives. Some of them continued in business or government service. Twin sisters from Philadelphia eventually set up their own real estate agency and were instrumental in spreading integration and minority home ownership. Some, like the more traditional "Rosie the Riveters", simply became housewives and mothers. ALL of them contributed, secretly but greatly, to the defeat of the axis powers.

Now let's skip to today.

Today the republicans, led by grand theft auto izza, presented a group of stupid and pathetic old fart men to continue their campaign to insist that women in this country are possessions who deserve to have NO SAY about their bodies or their health. In republican land, women are so stupid that they need to follow the direction of these self-importand asses who apparently learned all that there is to know about women's health issues in divinity school several decades ago. The republicans are apparently so lacking in anything resembling an inkling of a clue that they believe that sarah palin(comparison)'s "mama grizzleys" are an actual force beyond the teabagger rallies and will get the women's vote in droves by disrespecting the entire gender.

Brilliant plan.

Something that infuriates me even more is that these old bastards are probably the sons of the women who kept this country going while the men were fighting.

The men who served in World War II and the "Rosie the Riveters" defeated one of the most evil forces in human history when many of them were teenagers. When I was the age of my parents at the time my father was serving and my mother was packing meat, I was concerned with 3 things; first was getting laid (usually not very successfully), second was getting beer and third was maybe getting good grades.

With that last sentence, I guess I got myself on the republicans' "santorum" list.

What happened to these dumb old turd heads that they hold women in such comtempt? Truthfully, I don't really give a damn what the answer to that question is. My most immediate concern is that these people not only be defeated electorally, but absolutely and resoundingly repudiated.

In the long run, my concern is to win back the ground that a teabagger dominated republican party and a compliant and lazy news media have lost for American women and ethnic minorities by their blatent sexism and racism. The republicans perpetrated it and the ass licking corporate rightist media unquestioningly advanced it.

Barring the idea of someone like rush limbooger possibly saying that anyone writing this doesn't exist and is a White House plant, I am a 56 year old white Irish Catholic (who is ashamed of his church right now for not the first time). I am a hopefully soon to be employed again husband and father who was born in Philadelphia and has made my home in Maine for the last ten year with a wonderful wife and a great soon to be 12 year old son.

And I practically tremble with fury at the way women were so comtemptfully treated today by a committee of the House of Representatives and their ineffectual, ignorant and quite possibly incontinent stooges.

Now that this is off my chest, I can probably go to bed. Good night, and as always...


BTW, I always end my posts and thread with "PEACE!" as a tribute to a DUer who passed away a few years ago. I don't remember this person's screen name, but I do remember something very important.

She was a woman.


Update on the quack bastard doctor. Spoiler alert: no good news.

This is a link to a thread that I posted last week:


First and foremost, I want to extend my most heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of the members of the DU community who were so positive and supportive in my previous thread on this issue. It has meant so much to me, my infrequently posting and lovely wife, ChicaAzul and my son.

While we may have our spats, arguments and downright donnybrooks, this is a community that knows how to support it's members. This isn't the first time you've supported me with such warmth and compassion. I hope that it's the last time it's necessary.

Yesterday, the potential employer withdrew their offer and will not offer any other position. They support the quack bastard doctor's findings, as wrong as they may be because they use this quack bastard a lot. They will not pay for a re-exam. They will not accept any re-exam that I pay for, even if THEY were to pick the doctor. They state that the quack bastard doctor would have to endorse the findings of any competent doctor.

I also spoke with the Medical Director who supervises the quack bastard. He wanted to emphasize that even though he personally felt that I am more than able to do the job, he is concerned with my safety and that he and the quack bastatrd doctor "truly respect me". I related that it's very easy for those who will be cashing paychecks this week to pour platitudes onto the head of someone who hasn't seen a paycheck in almost 9 months. I also relayed how good their alleged respect will feel if my family has to go to the homeless shelter.

The result is that I lose a job over 1/3 of a sit-up that was required when I was on a level where my head was below my feet and I had a huge cold and less stamina than usual. The lines of horseshit I got from the executive director of the agency and the medical director of the corporate hack practice were astounding. The bottom line is that there was discrimination here, possibly based on age, possibly on weight, possibly based on physical condition, possibly based on I don't care what the fuck else. All of these forms of discrimination are illegal in the state of Maine, but they covered their collective ass quite well.

So, the quack bastard wins, my family and I lose.

I do have contacts out there and I have interviews set up so hopefully something will happen soon. We certainly need for it to happen soon. The "consolation" that I have is that the agency knows that I know that they discriminated. I may not be able to sue them, but they sure as hell can't sue me for my word of mouth opinions about them.

Thank you all for reading, thank you all for caring and thank you all for your support.


I have a 2012 calandar called "Strange Brew" that is a teabagger...

...stupid quote or fact every day.

In and of itself, it's nothing special except for the fact that it reflects a pattern that has somewhat bothered me since the rise of the teabagger movement. A disproportionately large percentage of the quotes are from christine o'donnell and sharon angel. I found it somewhat disturbing that after the disaster of the 2010 election, there were liberal/progressive people who were whooping and hollaring in glory that these 2 numbskulls weren't elected. They were missing the point that this election was a horrible day for America.

While o'donnell and angel are certainly idiots who seem compelled to give Letterman and other late night comedians an endless supply of material, I'm concerned about a bigger picture.

I wonder if sometimes people like o'donnell are set up by the other side as the easy targets so that some of the other equally malignant teabagger candidates and office holders can fly a little lower on the radar. One obvious example is our loud mouthed teabagger governor, paul lepage, up here in Maine who is in office on the strength of his resounding 38% of the 2010 vote.

I certainly think that the baggers should be held up to as much ridicule and derision as possible. I believe that it was Mark Twain who said something to the effect that against a wave of laughter, no tyrany can stand. I think that the republicans under nixon and the ones who propped up geroge w moron understood this. I think it was one of the reasons that they equated any attempt to lampoon or satirize or make fun of these presidents with treason. I would like to see us spread the wealth of laughter at ALL of the teabagger candidates and office holders. After all, Aren't they really jokes that write themselves with their own stupidity?

We certainly have enough tubes in the internet to spread it around. We can "pick" on limbogger and his ilk all the time!

Just a thought that i'm putting out there. It's my 2 cents and possibly overpriced at that!


UPDATED. Some quack BASTARD of a "doctor" REALLY screwed my family and I today...

...and I'm not taking it sitting down for one f***ing second.

I'm going to do all I can to leave out the 4 letter aria of obscenity that I've been singing since just after noon to avoid a hidden thread by a 6-0 jury vote. Allow me to say that in spite of the trembling rage that I feel now, I have been nothing but courteous to this alleged professional of medicine.

I've been out of work for 8 months. Unemployment compensation is over. I was offered a job for the most I've ever been paid last Friday. My references came back glowing. My background checks came back glowing. All I had to do was get through a pre-employment physical, one of which I've never failed to do in my life. My family and I need a paychek or we may wind up homeless again. This bastard quack knows this.

The position that I was supposed to start tomorrow was working with a Mental Health Agency up here in Maine. I would be going into the homes of troubled families who've consented to in-home treatment. My job would be to TALK with these families to help them problem solve in the most effective manner possible for them. I would counsel, coach, model, empathasize (spelling?), and possibly firmly prompt them to make the changes to which they'd agreed in early sessions .

Of about 30 items listed on the job description, the ability to lift 35 pounds, the ability to push 100 pounds (like a person in a wheelchair) and the need to possibly restrain are the last things listed. This is because they are HIGHLY unlikely to happen. By highly unlikely I mean about a 1 in 10,000 chance. I know this from experience. In a similar position about 6 years ago I had 2 instances out of hundreds where I was dealing with highly agitated clients or families. In one of those circumsrances, I talked them down and back to the kitchen table. In the other, the young woman told me to go F*** myself and left the room. She apologized the next time I came to the home.

This self righteous son of a bitch bastard of a moronic quack ignored the fact that I passed EVERY physical request he made of me, ignored the fact that I explained that I've had a bad cold the last few days and that my strength and stamina are somewhat decreased because of this and he latched onto the fact that I said that if I've done something like move furniture ALL DAY my back would be sore and recommended that I be restricted from any physical activity.

This has quite possibly cost me the job.

I have spoken with this "sock-tucking mortar chucker" and explained to him the consequences of his half assed and arbitrary decision to my famiy and I. I informed him of the need for him to reconsider his findings, especially since the issue of my back would have NEVER come up if I hadn't said that my back would hurt in the same circumstances that Hercules' back would hurt. I also mentioned that the doctor who has been treating me for the last 6 years has never recommended any restriction on my activities.

At this point, I've signed a release for my records to be sent to the quack. I had to sign it twice because the first time they sent my real doctor's office a request for them to SEND and not RECEIVE my records. I've also asked my doctor to write the quack a note explaining that she may actually know my health after 6+ years than he does after 20 minutes. Hopefully he'll pull his headout of his crusty boney ass and reverse his "decision". He is also reviewing with his "Medical Director".

I will say this. If this incompetent bastard of a quack moron, who apparently doesn't believe in actually listening to the patient, doesn't reverse his decision, I will contact an attorney and go after his ass, his medical director's ass and the practice's collective ass with everything I possibly can.

The position that he screwed me out of yesterday paid $16 per hour. I was supposed to start this morning at 8:30 AM, so he has now cost me $128 (8 X $16).

I believe that he is shocked to have a victim who actually fights back, but I'm not about to let this f***er "romney" me out of a job that I want, I need and I will do very well in because he's to damn lazy to pay any attention to his temporary patient.

I'll let you know what happens. Thank you for letting me rant!


UPDATE as of 11:53 AM. See response # 17. Thanks.


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