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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

Journal Archives

I'm supporting Hillary, however...

...if Bernie accomplishes nothing in this primary season other than getting the media asshats like little Chuckle Todd to get off of their crusty asses and discuss/cover actual ISSUES rather than the Fox "News" infotainment BS that THEY want to bloviate on, than he'll have accomplished SOOO much and will have earned respect and gratitude beyond measure.

Of course, I will enthusiastically support ANY Democratic nominee over any Republican/teabagger nominee. That is all!


I have a question for Jebbie, Cheeseburger dropper Rand, Water bottle boy Marco and crew.

If we're to believe that Cheney/Bush misadministration's Iraq war was just a great big boo boo and that we're supposed to look past the 100s of deliberate and outright lies perpetrated by they and a compliant "news" media to sell us on the notion that this war was our patriotic duty as Americans to insure that we wouldn't have to " fight them here" and accept that "Mistakes were made", Than I have a simple question to ask. A simple question is a good thing to ask of a group of simpletons.

To revive a question that John Kerry asked over 40 years ago, how do you ask a men to be the last man to die for a mistake?

If, of course, we use the brains that we were born with instead of what is dictated to us Fox "News", right wing media and the RNC, the question becomes "How do you ask a man or woman to be the last to die for a LIE?"

Gee, this is a question that was first raised by John Kerry. I guess we need to get the swiftboaters off of the bench! Thank God we'll have the Republican/teabagger presidential candidates to protect us from the "hummasechel agender"!

I suspect that Republican/teabagger responses to this question would be the sound of grass growing...slowly!


Republicans/teabaggers and Popes...JEEZIS!

Let's take a look at some history, shall we?

When JFK ran for President in 1960, Republicans had a fit over their concern that with a Catholic President, the country would be run by proxy from Vatican City, which Kennedy made VERY clear would not be the case.

Fast forward to 1984, and the Republicans have another collective fit over Geraldine Ferraro saying that the Pope would NOT influence her actions as Vice President. HOW DARE SHE!!!

Again, fast forward to 2004_ and the notion that is put forth by many Catholic bishops and cardinals, including Ratzinger, is that the Eucharist should be DENIED to any Catholic who is pro choice, anti war or pro "hummasechel". This,of course, is greeted as a wonderful thing in Bushista land. I remember my wife and I remarking to each other that any priest who tried to deny US Communion would regret it before he got much older!

Finally, we fast forward to now, and Republican/teabagger land is all in a huff & a tizzie because Pope Francis states that the Palestinians deserve a homeland and that the Pope should stay OUT of politics!

Doesn't it make you wonder just how " fundamental" religious right fundamentalism actually IS? SHIT!


Jebbie Bush...Jesus H Christ on a Crutch!!!

So now we don't need the Affordable Care Act because five years from now we MAY be able to get a friggin watch...SHIT!

I'd certainly expect a lot more from our first Hispanic President (remember that one, too?).

I cannot believe that I am now convinced that Jebbie is even more stupid than Dubbya. The scary thing is that in the early years of the 21st Century, brains are NOT a requirement to be a Republican/teabagger candidate for President. Of course, brains aren't needed. Remember, Little Ricky Santorum said that the "smart people" will never be on THEIR side. Holy shit in a shotglass!


I've been having a SCARY thought lately about Jebby Bush!

A few weeks ago, he considered it to be the epitome of presidential leadership to sum up his comments on foreign policy with "Holy Schnikes"!... holy Moldy!

Recently, Jebby has publicly said that his idiot big brother is his major advisor on foreign policy...Holy Smokes!

He told Fox "News" that he would still invade Iraq...Holy Moses!

When he tried to walk that back with Hannity, he ferqued THAT up, too by saying, essentiaaly, that he is too damned STOOPID to understand a question asked by Megan freakin' Kelly...Holy Hannah!

My scary thought is that in the near future, we may have to (legitimately) start referring to George W Shithead as "the SMART" Bush brother...HOLY SHIT!!!


I have a simple question for the "glorious" Greg Abbott...

...as well as for the idiots who buy his snake oil. Have you even CONSIDERED the number of civilian Texans who will be out of jobs if the military bases all go elsewhere? Or the amount of service related money that would be spent elsewhere, aka, NOT IN TEXAS?

I bet'cha that Wendy Davis looks better with each passing day!


Carly Fiorina, hmm...

She was the CEO of Hewlett Packard, cost thousands of people their jobs and had her ass publicly throw out in an atmosphere of incredible acrimony. So, she was a failure.

In 2008, she spent much of the Spring and Summer lobbying pretty intensively to be John McCain's running mate and was passed over...for Sarah Palin. So, she was a failure.

In 2010, she ran for the US Senate in a year that it was VERY beneficial to run as a Republican/teabagger and she got her ass kicked. So, she was a failure.

Gee, that's certainly a mighty impressive resume to recommend her to be the first woman POTUS. In a related development, I've recently acquired a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd be willing to let go of for the right price. Just come on down and see me at the Richard M Nixon Used Car & Snake Oil Emporium!


Poll...Who do you HOPE is the Republican/teabagger 2016 nominee?

Poll...Who do you EXPECT to be the Republican/teabagger 2016 nominee?

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