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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

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What the Hell has happened to the Republican Party and "responsible" news coverage?

Yes, I know that the Republican party has been in a downward spiral transforming from the party of Lincoln, T.R. Roosevelt and Ike to the Republican/teabagger party of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Donald Rump of today for decades...at least since Ike left office. In other words, the Republican party has been totally full of shit since at least 1960when I was 5...Yikes!

However, at least as recently as 2008, when John McCain was forced to disavow the endorsements of some particularly odious fundie preachers, there was at least SOME trace of sense somewhere in the party.

I personally think it went into overdrive when they embraced the teabagger movement in 2009 and into hyper-overdrive when they allowed the teabaggers to completely take the party over for and since the 2010 election cycle.

I am genuinely distressed that Donald Rump, whom admittedly has NO sense of decency, has felt no need to disavow the endorsements of some openly racist white supremacist groups and of, worst of all, David friggin Duke!

Even worse, where is ANY coverage of this in the "librul" media? I know, they're too busy fixating on Hillary using email in a legal way. Clearly this is yet another example that news has become infotainment.

For myself, I tried to listen to the audio that someone posted here of "Dr." Duke's broadcast about the libruls at Fox "News" and the international Jewish conspiracy against Rump. I made almost a minute before I had to turn it off because I felt so damned dirty.

Once upon a time, a political party and a media with even the remotest degree of decency would have HOUNDED Mr. Rump until he'd have been forced to renounce the endorsements of such repellent people.

What's next? a headline informing us that the Donald is seeking a jail house backing from "Rev." Matthew Hale? SHIT!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


SO, the Donald told Chuckie Todd that he watches "shows".

Of course, it's OK with Chuckie that Trump says that kind of horse manure, like this is a president worthy answer. Remember Willard Romney's "binders" full of women/

Did Chuckie learn how to be a "journalist" by watching Clark Kent in the old Superman show? Maybe I could have become a lawyer by watching Judd for the Defense or Owen Marshall in my teens...or a doctor by watching Marcus Welby and Medical Center, or a detective by watching Mannix or The Rockford Files.

I can only pray that a president Trump wouldn't have just watched Patton or Top Gun right before an international crisis.

As I said in a response to an earlier thread, a Chuck Todd/Donald Trump interview has to be an example of a breathtaking LACK of any form of intellectual heft. I equate it with watching Married With Children's Kelly Bundy (Todd) interview MASH's Frank Burns (Trump).

I can only hope that eventually some in the Republican party fight to make it, once again, the party of Lincoln, T.R and Ike. America NEEDS 2 viable alternatives. It does NOT need a party that embraces lunacy as a valid governing philosophy. I know that one of those future Republican leaders will NOT be the backbone of oatmeal Susan Collins, our severely out of touch senior senator from up here in Maine...Yuck!!!

Boy, do I miss Walter Cronkite & John Chancellor!

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