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MarianJack's Journal
MarianJack's Journal
October 1, 2016

Donald Rump is right about one thing, but not in the way he thinks.

One of Donald Rump's many excuses for his pathetic and catastrophic debate performance last Monday has been the "unfairness" of the "news" media. In a very perverse way, he's right.

However, he's right in the wrong way.

Since he announced his candidacy last year, the news media has engaged in a frenzy of unquestioning and nauseating fawning that makes their coverage of Dubya look like microscopic scrutiny.

Donald Rump has gotten over a year of being allowed to get away with the most outrageous lies, blatant racism and sexism, warmongering, stupidity and opponent smearing with NO challenge from the learned "journalists" of the American news media. They've issued him a blanket free pass which he well redeem fully in the third debate when he is permitted to say any line of bullpuckey by the inexplicably selected Chris Wallace of Fox "News.".

While this has gone on, Hillary Clinton has endured over a quarter of a century of never ending investigations, witch hunts and downright smears by a Republican/teabagger party Hell bent on her destruction. She has been more investigated than her husband and more vilified than Ted Kennedy by the right. If it were to come out that in 1965, Hillary mailed a letter with $.01 postage due, than there will be unending stories about her " lack of integrity" and "un trustworthiness."

Ridiculous, Ridiculous, RIDICULOUS!!!

When it came time to answer questions by a moderator who did NOT allow him to get away with his usual shenanigans, on stage with an opponent whom not only had the audacity to be a WOMAN, but intelligent, accomplished and prepared, he had NO IDEA what to do and he folded faster than a cardboard outhouse in the middle of Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, Donald Rump is right. The media HAS been unfair this election cycle. Where he is, as usual, wrong, is in his likely cocaine addled pea brained belief, it is not Donald Rump to whom they've been unfair. The news media has been unfair to America and the world. In doing so they've risked installing into the White House a man so dangerously incompetent that he makes George Dubya Moron look like an elder statesman.

I didn't think that THAT was even REMOTELY possible. For that alone, the America news media has earned at least our scorn.

As my mother would have said, "screw'em!". WE have to be the media.

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


September 18, 2016

Our family just grew by 2!

Hi everybody. About 20 minutes ago, our family just welcomed 2 new members into our home. For the last three years we've been a family of six, with my wife, son, 2 kitties, 1 doggie and me. Just minutes ago, we welcomed two brand new six week old kittens. The human family members and the doggie are all very excited and welcoming. Our white Kitty is cautiously curious. Out black Kitty however, is crouched outside of the door to the room hissing like a Cat chorus, which he did when we brought our doggie home 3 years ago. Hopefully, he'll learn to accept his new little feline siblings, too. He'd better!

We think that the black one is female and the gray one is male, so we think their names will be Fred & Wilma. If they were 2 males they would have been Moe & Larry since our doggie is named Curly. If they'd been 2 females, they'd have been Laverne & Shirley.

We are VERY excited to welcome our new family members. Now, however, the animals outnumber the humans 5 to 3... YIKES!

Wish us luck!!!


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