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MarianJack's Journal
MarianJack's Journal
January 23, 2017

In a very perverse way, I hope that Grand Wizard Donald Rump ISN'T impeached.

Before you start flaming me as a closet Republican/teabagger, please read.

I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I truly DETEST the reality show clown and hate monger that Vladimir Putin and James Comedy (along with a news media that spent over a year fawning over every Donald Rump action and blathering) installed into office. Another poster earlier today stated that an FBI friend had stated that this was going to make Watergate look like someone boosting a candy bar at 7-11. I believe that.

However, with Donald Rump, we know what kind of turd head we have. We know that he will indulge in a four year exercise of self worship that will alienate the vast majority of Americans and will hopefully inspire the third and fourth party nut cases to sit 2020 out.

I have two concerns about the next four years that stand out to me.

First, they might instigate some form of disaster that'll give a very compliant news media the reason to rally around the grand Wizard and be an instrument to quell domestic dissent as they did for George Dubya Turdhead after 9/11.

Secondly, since after Donald Rump there would follow Mike Pence and then, for two years at least, Paul Ryan, we're pretty much phaqued until 1/20/2021. My big fear is that if we get rid of Rump, than Pence may just possibly enough of a slimy, smarmy son of a bitch that he may be able to con just enough people into another four years of the current nightmare that begun last Friday...YUCK! With Rump, we'd likely be able to kick his ass out in a manner that made FDR versus Hoover look like JFK versus Tricky Dickie!

Until then, I resolve to do something every single day to show my objection, opposition and disrespect for Grand Wizard Donald Rump until the Putin/Trump administration is GONE!

That's my $.02, and quite possibly overpriced at that.


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