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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

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Just a question regarding Donald Trump's attacks on John McCain.

In 2008 I was very critical of John McCain, but that was politics.

When Donald Trump attacks John McCain, I'm not surprised because just like everyone who isn't a Trump worshiper, I know that Donald Trump is an irredeemable piece of walking shit that we truly have NO reason to ever expect anything to reflect in any positive way upon him. The man is in charge of the most incompetent and downright evil administration ever, and they took office embracing and reveling in their corruption. I expect nothing of Donald Trump or his henchmen because they are capable of nothing any of us would ever want to have.

So, whoop, there it is.

However, looking back to 2008, when he won the Republican nomination for President, John McCain plucked from obscurity a first term governor of Alaska and gave her a moment in the spotlight and the opportunity to shine on the national stage.

I can criticize McCain's team for not vetting her, but it isn't John McCain's fault that Sarah Palin was a ditz and a moron. It isn't John McCain's fault that Sarah Palin ignored his post election advice to not be drawn in to the far right wing extreme of the Republican party as she fully and enthusiastically join with the teabagger movement.

It is Sarah Palin's fault.

Where the question comes in is, why is Sarah Palin remaining silent as the man who gave her the biggest opportunity of her life is so cruelly, meanly and vilely disrespected by Donald Trump, a man who would have to stand tip toe on his grandmother's shoulders before he'd be barely reach to kiss John McCain's ass.

Sarah Palin has been as silent as the "P" in "Phony."

As the son and nephew of men who served honorably in World War II and Korea, I find this unforgivable on her part. My Uncle Al, whom I never met obviously, has been at rest at Normandy since dying on DDay in 1944.

Not that I ever want to hear ANYTHING Sarah Palin says, I certainly don't want to hear her pontificate about anything to do with morality ever again. She has long since abdicated any right to do so. As my father would have said, PISS ON HER!

That's my $.02, and quite possibly overpriced at that.


Just a point of curiosity if someone could give me a hand.

What is the difference, if any, between a supremacist and a white nationalist?

I realize that I'm asking if there's a difference between two turds in a bucket, because regardless they both stink, but I am curious.

Thank you in advance.


As an almost 64 year old guy, Plaease allow me to say this today.

HAPPY International Women's Day. Go get 'em, ladies!

Kick asses and take names. Saying nothing negative about any Democratic presidential candidate, at this early time I'm inclined towards Amy Klobochar.


Campaign season is here, and mark my words on this.

I really hope I'm wrong, but I sense the return of the ceaseless fawning over Donald Trump that was a hallmark of 2016 news coverage for the 2020 election.

Remember, the worst rumors about Hillary Clinton were treated as carved in stone truths while the worst facts about Donald Trump were roundly ignored, and not only by Faux "news."

Piss on them, WE have to be the media.

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