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the truth from who's perspective?

two people can view the exact same thing and still have different perspectives on outcome based upon the calculation done through the filter of their own life experiences.

Has the system of welfare helped most lower class individuals in Appalachia to ascend into the middle class? I mean,
I look their their state of affairs which never, ever seems to change.

The HS drop out rates across the nation:

Among minorities, only about 52 percent of Hispanic students and 56 percent of
African-American students will graduate in four years, compared with 78 percent of
white students.13

High school students from low-income families (the lowest 20 percent) were six times
more likely to drop out than students from higher income families. Ultimately, about one
half of all dropouts never receive a high school credential.14

Students with Disabilities Aged 14 and Older Who Dropped Out, by Race/Ethnicity
Race/Ethnicity Percent of Group who
Dropped Out
American Indian/Alaska Native 52.2%
Black 44.5%
Hispanic 43.5%
White 33.9%
Asian/Pacific Islander 28.0%

Source: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, Data Analysis System
(DANS), 2003.These data are for the 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico and the four outlying areas. This is
based on a cumulative 12-month count.

Simple, country folk can have as good of manners as a refined person who lives in the city. What you're
asking is why are they so vulgar and jaded now, since it seems they've gotten the "best of everything".

Perhaps they're sick of shit and don't give a good gotdamb who knows? Only way to know is to ask the people
whose life experience is this.

Also, people know a little differently now. It's way later in time and the veil has long been ripped from the face.
You're not going to see that display of innocence by and large--that's the nature of things and time wearing on.
People also don't do a whole lot of things like they used to way back when.

see what I mean by perspective? This is a class/caste issue, not a race issue.

btw--got any links-how did you arrive at your conclusions?
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