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Member since: Wed Jul 23, 2003, 07:36 PM
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it's begining to look

like young males in this country all need to be psychiatrically evaluated by the age of 15 because there have been waaay too many late teens-20something males picking up assault rifles and mowing down crowds of innocent people. Then it is discovered that they've had mental health issues which have gone unaddressed/undiagnosed for years. That, more than likely, is due to the abysmal state of mental health services in this country, the stigma that is still attached to mental health, that insurance companies only throw crumbs of coverage at it and the prevailing religious notion that all they needed to do was pray to god and their problems would magically go away, and the church of scientology working hard to circumvent effective intervention for people with mental illness (google that).

Too many parents have tried reaching out for help and have had their hands slapped away by the insurance companies, the state (we can't do anything unless they harm someone) and by those who have absolutely no training in either medicine or psychiatry (CofS) and are told to have their child "go walk it off", basically, or religion telling them "you're not praying to god hard enough--donate to my church and god will hear your prayers". Meanwhile, that child won't take the medication--or their parents can't afford the out of pocket cost--and they act out under the torment of their condition and the parents are exasperated because they just don't know what to do or where to turn.

When this country finally faces the fact that mental health is just as important a health issue has physical health, then we as a nation might start seeing a decline in these horrible shootings. But it's clear that the death of children isn't enough to turn that tide--we're becoming desensitized slowly but surely to children being gunned down in cold blood. Dead children are not nearly as important as some mentally ill person not having any obstacles placed in his path to obtaining and using a gun.


WHAT THAT WOMAN ****CHOOSES**** TO DO WITH HER BODY!!! Jesus jumped up Christ on a stick!! Why can't you all understand that?

To condone forcing a woman to bear her rapist's child is the same as condoning the rape. You cannot separate the two. If God intended on the pregnancy to happen, then he intended upon the rape happening because that is the means by which the conception occurred. So you can't parse your way out of that (like that idiot from Politico was allowed to get away with saying on c-span's washington journal this morning without being challenged on it).

At the end of the day, this moron and others like him are condoning the rape of women. Period. End of story.

When the Derisho blew through DC back in late June

I was without power for about 5 days. Other areas were down for far longer; some had their power back within hours.

And it got hellishly hot and humid right after that storm--mid 90's kind of hot. It was miserable, to say the least. I had to reach back to channel my great grandmothers and square myself with the truth that if they could stand not having AC and electricity for the whole of their lives, then being of that strong stock meant that I could withstand that inconvenience.

I wasn't expecting the lights to go on the 5th day, but when they did, I could hear a lot of my neighbors scream with delight, along with the whoosh of their AC units starting up. It literally was like stepping from the 19th century back into the 21st century. There is nothing more soul crushing than to spend the day in an air conditioned office, hoping, praying that your electricity would come back on so that the treasury of food in your fridge wouldn't have to be thrown out and that you could at least have some semblance of normalcy, only to put the key in the door and all was still dead quiet.

It lifted my heart on Sunday when I saw a number of utility trucks driving down the street before the Hurricane hit because that meant that they were preparing for this. The Derisho was a totally different kind of event that no one a. had ever seen and b. could plan for, so there's that difference. But knowing how this country performed after Katrina with a republican led government, it was marvelous to see this administration's ability to take a path to see it forthcoming. That is what people need to remember when going to the polls.

And speaking of which, I did my early voting today and I voted for the President and a full Democratic ticket.

Had the camera not been there, would he be apologizing for saying that?

No. What if someone there made it public that he said that, but didn't have a videotape of him? Would he be calling that person a liar and playing the victim role for all it's worth? You damb straight he would be.

Because he thought he was safe when he said it. Had it ever crossed his mind that his kind of thinking would be offensive would mean that he was already capable of understanding what life is like for people who do not live in the same socio-economic class as himself; or people who leave their loved ones to go fight overseas for our country; or seniors who have paid into social security by working their whole damb lives. The fact of the matter is: it has never crossed his mind until his tit was in the wringer.

Those people in that video hold the same viewpoint as he does. None of them flinched or conveyed one iota of rejecting what mittiot was saying. They gave mittiot a safe place to express exactly what mittiot thinks and mittiot took advantage of that environment; he was finally was caught in a moment of candor, revealing who he really is.

"A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways" and mittiot is a walking, breathing example of that one line in the new testament to be true.

Mittiot fashioned his own noose last night

that's what Obama was letting him do.

Mittiot tacked so far to the middle that he basically said "I'm keeping Obamacare". His surrogates are now going to be tied up unravelling that and dragging mittiot's message back to the right.

Don't fool yourself or be all caught up on the shiny, bright, sparkly stuff here: Obama allowed mittiot to dig the hole he's going to fall into in the next debate. The guy is on the record now with his centrist policies--do you honestly think that once all the sparkle of this night is gone and in the cold, sober morning light he's not going to have to do a huge amount of damage control to keep his lunatic fringe base and their votes in line?

Also, we got a glimpse of the demeanor of the scissor wielding fiend who held down that gay student and cut off his hair in the way in which he disrespected Jim Lehrer--and Lehrer's allowing him to get away with it is a totally other rant. We got to see how he will negotiate with foreign leaders--and he came across as an overly boorish, entitled, selfish, wealthy asshole.

With regard to Obama's demeanor: he flew into Denver at 2p yesterday. Denver has very thin air--it takes some time for the body to acclimate to it. Mittiot had been there the day before, so he had well over 24 hours to acclimate to it. Football teams don't fly in the day of the game and play there. Also, if Obama had come out swinging like everyone wanted him to, all of the talk today would have been about the scary black man beating up on the poor old white guy and no amount of substance in what Obama said would have gotten through that veil of stupidity.

I believe that Obama let mittiot fashion the noose he will put around his own neck with the next two presidential debates.

The CNN videographer who has peanuts thrown at her

I'm sure you've heard the story at the convention where a black videographer from CNN had peanuts thrown at her feet and told "that's how we feed animals". What that story points out to me is the degrading estimation all of us blacks have had to put up with since our ancestors were kidnapped and forced onto this shore only because of the bodies in which our souls are encased. Nothing more. It really makes me lose a lot of hope for this country that this far into its history, the psychotic quest by some of its citizens to return this country to a backwards, socially stunted point in its infancy is attempting to be re-animated.

No living being should have to be subjected to any form of indignity, despite the color of their skin.

My question is: Who, exactly, is going to ride to this woman's rescue here? Did anyone become her champion in the moment when it happened? CNN did a 1:30 piece on it the next day, but that's it? They let it drop in order to fawn over paul ryan? Had that been Dana Bash, would she have received just a 1:30 out of a 24 hour news cycle?

The two convention attendees who did this were removed from the convention hall, but not arrested. On one of the threads on which I was participating here, I've managed to work a number of posters up into a lather because I'm viewing it with the cold, sober eye of realism which, unfortunately, an African American woman must develop in order to be able to get through her life. I know that it will be a cold day in hell before anyone raises their hand and say that they saw what these two did and are willing to testify against them and support a charge being filed for assault. Yes, throwing a projectile at another human being is assault: but for an assault charge to stick, the prosecution has to, beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove that these two people did this and as it stands right now, there is no proof other than this woman's word. No witnesses and no evidence that she had her camera turned on and was recording at least the audio of this.

Peanut kernels trampled under foot ain't enough--a couple thousand people were eating peanuts that day and it's probably all over the floor. The defense attorneys will chew that accusation-without-proof up and spit it back in the face of the prosecution and they know it.

I know it. I know it'll be her word against theirs. I know she will have to find a way to process this inhumane affront to her esteem for no good reason other than the body in which her soul is encased made these people think that devilish behavior against a black woman is fair game. It's another salvo launched across the bow in this War Against Black Women. The thing is: those who are all exercised over my viewpoint WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE PLACE BLACK PEOPLE HAVE TO GO TO COME TO THIS VIEWPOINT.

Some hysterical idiot said to me: "prosecutors have gone to court on less evidence than this". I say "and some prosecutors refuse to go forward with a whole lot of evidence in their possession: bush, cheney, et al..." The polyanna-ish rantings don't change the fact that a professional black woman doing her job, getting peanuts thrown at her feet and hate filled talk accompanying it is not something that is important enough for the State of Florida to get over-exercised about. Had they taken her camera and beaten her with it, perhaps, because it would have been destruction of CNN's property; and perhaps they'd have asked her what she did to provoke it.

young man, I think your true question is

"Why is this happening to someone like me in the United States of America?"...

Because this shit and worse happens to poor and brown skinned people all of the time. And as usual, it's not a problem until it happens to people who look like this you. Let me ask you, young man: how did you vote in the last election? Did you vote for and support sheriff arpaio? What about gov. brewer? How about the parishioners you lead? Do you stand in your pulpit every sunday and vilify anyone who doesn't think like you do?

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say you voted for a "law and order" ticket, to strip those who do not look like you of their rights within your state. The fact that you're aghast that upon not obeying the police, you got a beat down, says a lot about the "america" you live in. You need some more minority friends, s0n--they'd have told you to put your hands on your steering wheel and comply with a "yes, sir, no, sir". Catching them in a lie is besides the point; the dog is beside the point: the fact is, they asked you to follow an instruction and you refused--had you just done what they asked, like they said, you'd have been on your way. OF course they're going to go into "ramp this up and wreck his day" mode when you choose to challenge their authority.

The place to fight against that kind of thing happening to ALL Americans is in the voting booth--by voting for people who do not believe that giving up their rights and liberty is a fair or necessary exchange for being safe, not at a police checkpoint in the middle of the night.

Yes, this shit happens every. single. day. in the US of A to someone to who does not look like you because of the fear that those who willingly give up their liberties and rights base their voting choices upon--and incredible as it seems, for far, far less than what you did. Yes, it IS a huge problem.

When it comes to public employees, the only ones I have no problem cutting back on is cops. I fully support everyone else because they are serving a public good. But not armed thugs hiding behind shields. Their motto is supposed to be "to serve and protect", not "to abuse and demean..".

I don't

because the plain truth of the matter is: repealing it will explode the deficit and that's the one thing they do not want hung around their party's neck. ACA gives tax breaks to those who already have health care coverage, so their returns will be larger. Those who don't get it will have the tax return they're already getting. They will be basically increasing their own taxes by being obstinate.

Their grandparents who now have the doughnut hole closing up, those whose up to age 26 yr old kids on their policies, those who have pre-existing conditions (and who of them doesn't, really?), those who have seriously ill children-- they're going to go back to and be happy and content with what was in place before? They're really going to go without? They're really going to welcome financial ruin at the hands of a medical condition? They're really going to toss their adult kids off their insurance? They're going to be ok with the insurance company telling them while they're seriously ill that they no longer have insurance? I highly doubt that.

So, for them to even speak of it is them saying "we're going to blow the deficit up even more than what's there now when we get control of congress and the white house" is them reading their own death sentences.

Fact is: the pressure needs to be kept on the thugs over their blatantly and obscene waste of time and taxpayer money pursuing their wet dream of making Obama a one term president. Every scheme they've put in place failed. They have the lowest approval rating in history for a sitting body in congress.

Anything grounded in fear has no hope of a good outcome.

How Chris? How did you all in the media blow this one? I'll tell you how....

You all and your owners are in collusion with the thugs to make sure Obama is a one term president. That's how.

When Issa can go on Meet the Press and lie his ass off and cherry pick the facts and David Gregory lets him get away with it, that's how. It's because you all have shut down your investigative units because you are so freakin' afraid of losing access that you don't want to ruffle any feathers when it's your job to ruffle the feathers of politicians and those in power.

The fact that the only viewpoint you all care about is the conservatard viewpoint.

It cannot be dismissed that this got legs from the shoddy reporting work of CBS and their news management, who, by the way, should be tendering their resignations Now. Today. This minute., who did not do anything close to due diligence when it came to reporting the whole truth about what is going on.

The fact that it is legal in Arizona for someone over the age of 18 to buy as many weapons as their budget can manage and then go sell those guns to anyone they choose without having to file paperwork with the state at. all and then that person can go sell those guns to whomever, and so on and so on til they wind up killing American agents in this drug/turf war is the problem. The prosecutors won't try anything because the laws are swiss cheese. It's pointless because of how weak the laws are. And all of that is Obama's fault?

Walter Cronkite must be spinning in his grave. IT's complete bullshit--and it's especially bullshit, Chris, for you to have the temerity to sit up there and ask how it could be done when you know got damb well how you all freakin' missed this.

this is about the committee wanting Holder and the Obama administration to turn over documents which relate to an ongoing investigation, knowing that that shit doesn't happen.

dag! It takes some kind of nerve to lead off a show with that question.

aside from marriage vows

why would any american pledge allegiance to anything other than the flag and the republic for which it stands? One nation; indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

That's what I have a problem with when it comes to office holders throwing in with 'pledges' to Norquist. Their first, lawfully sworn duty
is to all of the people for whom they are elected to represent THEIR interests in this government, not to one of its citizens who doesn't want to pay his fair share of taxes.

How would norquist know what was going on in meetings and negotiations Obama is having with whatever party? It's not like
he's in the room--anything he hears, he hears second hand, a.k.a. hearsay, inadmissible. Clearly, he doesn't take seriously
the various polling numbers which have come out recently showing the nation's total disgust with republicans of every level of
government. Wisconsin must have gotten past him.

It is insane and proof of living in an alternative universe to say that Obama has made no effort to work with congress. That has
been the main problem! He goes too far for consensus, when norquist and all those of his stripe know that their mission was
to frustrate the president implementing his policies. It has been admitted to as much by far too many.
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