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I don't

because the plain truth of the matter is: repealing it will explode the deficit and that's the one thing they do not want hung around their party's neck. ACA gives tax breaks to those who already have health care coverage, so their returns will be larger. Those who don't get it will have the tax return they're already getting. They will be basically increasing their own taxes by being obstinate.

Their grandparents who now have the doughnut hole closing up, those whose up to age 26 yr old kids on their policies, those who have pre-existing conditions (and who of them doesn't, really?), those who have seriously ill children-- they're going to go back to and be happy and content with what was in place before? They're really going to go without? They're really going to welcome financial ruin at the hands of a medical condition? They're really going to toss their adult kids off their insurance? They're going to be ok with the insurance company telling them while they're seriously ill that they no longer have insurance? I highly doubt that.

So, for them to even speak of it is them saying "we're going to blow the deficit up even more than what's there now when we get control of congress and the white house" is them reading their own death sentences.

Fact is: the pressure needs to be kept on the thugs over their blatantly and obscene waste of time and taxpayer money pursuing their wet dream of making Obama a one term president. Every scheme they've put in place failed. They have the lowest approval rating in history for a sitting body in congress.

Anything grounded in fear has no hope of a good outcome.

How Chris? How did you all in the media blow this one? I'll tell you how....

You all and your owners are in collusion with the thugs to make sure Obama is a one term president. That's how.

When Issa can go on Meet the Press and lie his ass off and cherry pick the facts and David Gregory lets him get away with it, that's how. It's because you all have shut down your investigative units because you are so freakin' afraid of losing access that you don't want to ruffle any feathers when it's your job to ruffle the feathers of politicians and those in power.

The fact that the only viewpoint you all care about is the conservatard viewpoint.

It cannot be dismissed that this got legs from the shoddy reporting work of CBS and their news management, who, by the way, should be tendering their resignations Now. Today. This minute., who did not do anything close to due diligence when it came to reporting the whole truth about what is going on.

The fact that it is legal in Arizona for someone over the age of 18 to buy as many weapons as their budget can manage and then go sell those guns to anyone they choose without having to file paperwork with the state at. all and then that person can go sell those guns to whomever, and so on and so on til they wind up killing American agents in this drug/turf war is the problem. The prosecutors won't try anything because the laws are swiss cheese. It's pointless because of how weak the laws are. And all of that is Obama's fault?

Walter Cronkite must be spinning in his grave. IT's complete bullshit--and it's especially bullshit, Chris, for you to have the temerity to sit up there and ask how it could be done when you know got damb well how you all freakin' missed this.

this is about the committee wanting Holder and the Obama administration to turn over documents which relate to an ongoing investigation, knowing that that shit doesn't happen.

dag! It takes some kind of nerve to lead off a show with that question.
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