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Member since: Wed Jul 23, 2003, 07:36 PM
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The CNN videographer who has peanuts thrown at her

I'm sure you've heard the story at the convention where a black videographer from CNN had peanuts thrown at her feet and told "that's how we feed animals". What that story points out to me is the degrading estimation all of us blacks have had to put up with since our ancestors were kidnapped and forced onto this shore only because of the bodies in which our souls are encased. Nothing more. It really makes me lose a lot of hope for this country that this far into its history, the psychotic quest by some of its citizens to return this country to a backwards, socially stunted point in its infancy is attempting to be re-animated.

No living being should have to be subjected to any form of indignity, despite the color of their skin.

My question is: Who, exactly, is going to ride to this woman's rescue here? Did anyone become her champion in the moment when it happened? CNN did a 1:30 piece on it the next day, but that's it? They let it drop in order to fawn over paul ryan? Had that been Dana Bash, would she have received just a 1:30 out of a 24 hour news cycle?

The two convention attendees who did this were removed from the convention hall, but not arrested. On one of the threads on which I was participating here, I've managed to work a number of posters up into a lather because I'm viewing it with the cold, sober eye of realism which, unfortunately, an African American woman must develop in order to be able to get through her life. I know that it will be a cold day in hell before anyone raises their hand and say that they saw what these two did and are willing to testify against them and support a charge being filed for assault. Yes, throwing a projectile at another human being is assault: but for an assault charge to stick, the prosecution has to, beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove that these two people did this and as it stands right now, there is no proof other than this woman's word. No witnesses and no evidence that she had her camera turned on and was recording at least the audio of this.

Peanut kernels trampled under foot ain't enough--a couple thousand people were eating peanuts that day and it's probably all over the floor. The defense attorneys will chew that accusation-without-proof up and spit it back in the face of the prosecution and they know it.

I know it. I know it'll be her word against theirs. I know she will have to find a way to process this inhumane affront to her esteem for no good reason other than the body in which her soul is encased made these people think that devilish behavior against a black woman is fair game. It's another salvo launched across the bow in this War Against Black Women. The thing is: those who are all exercised over my viewpoint WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE PLACE BLACK PEOPLE HAVE TO GO TO COME TO THIS VIEWPOINT.

Some hysterical idiot said to me: "prosecutors have gone to court on less evidence than this". I say "and some prosecutors refuse to go forward with a whole lot of evidence in their possession: bush, cheney, et al..." The polyanna-ish rantings don't change the fact that a professional black woman doing her job, getting peanuts thrown at her feet and hate filled talk accompanying it is not something that is important enough for the State of Florida to get over-exercised about. Had they taken her camera and beaten her with it, perhaps, because it would have been destruction of CNN's property; and perhaps they'd have asked her what she did to provoke it.
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