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Gender: Male
Home country: Canada
Member since: Wed Aug 6, 2003, 06:23 PM
Number of posts: 30,138

Journal Archives

What a National Guard Commander Saw on January 6

William J. Walker led the D.C. National Guard during the Capitol attack, but for hours that day, he felt helpless.


Tweet about the fox xmas tree suspect.


U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live From Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado, USA)


Bryan Ferry - Is Your Love Strong Enough


Mazzy Star - Fade Into You ("Paris, Texas")

The video works with this classic.


Not a cult. Post on Reddit from Parlerwatch and Gabwatch.

These morons are now Xmas decorating with their MAGA hats.


Mom from Oxford shooting posts the texts from that terrible day.

"I love you."

I replied to my daughter's text with a heart emoji.

A gun.

Is in the school

Love you more


I am shaking


How do you know?

We're in ALICE

Training you mean?


Or a real lock down

Okay just listen to your teacher

Where are you?

In the class


I am here

Is your teacher there


What are they saying

Lights are out?

Under desks?

We put desks in the front door

We're in the corner


Just follow what your teacher says

Which class are you in

Name of teacher

I am calling the police

You there?

and then....nothing....for the five longest minutes of my life...I heard nothing.


In Washington, a group called the "Patriot Front", in characteristic uniforms,marches on the Capitol

Fucking Nazis.


German WWI veteran describes killing a French soldier in a bayonet charge

This is what war is for normal people.


Arenna - Eclipse

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