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mahina's Journal
mahina's Journal
July 19, 2022

I think our path through this is to pick one line of BS at a time

And share proof that it is complete garbage across all of our individual networks and state wide. Just DUers alone could make a dent in their midterm election if we do so. We could actually help a lot. Plus it leverages their use of false hoods which are all they rely on. What else do they have? Nothing.

Just now logging into DU there was a banner ad that said do you think immigrants should get free stimulus money? Here’s my point for the day: immigrants don’t get stimulus money. Immigrants don’t get food stamps, Medicare, they don’t get shit. In fact they pay into Social Security but they will never collected until they become legal immigrants. So you ( righties) stop worrying about immigrants sponging off the government. That is just not true.

Drumroll… Powerful one on one message follows…

If you were wrong about something you thought you understood to be true, would you want to know about it or not? Would you prefer to be unbothered and remain completely mistaken? Even if it was something very important to your life?

If I were wrong about something I would want to know.

Next up- wingers, Joe Biden is very lucid, very intelligent, and smarter than most of us. That’s all of us, not just the Dems. Next time you see an edited video of him sounding incoherent ask yourself where the unedited video is and listen to it and then ask yourself why they’re lying to you. Here’s a good one to start with:

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