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Member since: Sat Sep 13, 2003, 07:53 AM
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President Obama has been throwing the Jab all year.

And he could win the election, using just his Jab, because he has the skill, the temperament, and a sense of purpose.

Wednesday night will arrive, and Romney will reach out with a "Zinger", and while he smirks at his own bravado he will leave a nice opening. President Obama will then deftly deviate from the Jab, and Mitt wonít see it coming, because he's been taking Jabs to the forehead all year.

This next shot wonít be a devastating flurry from the President, because he still has a few more rounds to go. Itís going to be a Body Blow, or maybe a Left Hook, and then the President will step back, dance around, and watch his opponent wobble around a little more.

That should get us through Wednesday. The other rounds will be just as interesting to watch. Iíll be there on the couch, popcorn bowl at the ready, cheering the President on. How about you?
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