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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,358

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I like Sen Chis Coons, so does Sen Jeff Flake, except

Sen Flake sold Sen Coons a faulty bill of goods, and
Sen Coons being a good guy never would consider that Sen Flake would sell him a fake- not a genuine FBI investigation, but a fraud, a look a lIke.

So itís safe to say Sen Coons was used by the enemy because he thought he had a friend who would be straight with him.,,but in truth, was a Trojan Horse..,,filled with lying old GOP
curmudgeons. Snarling, vengeful drunk on power men.

Sen Coons was had. He did the best he could, but he needs to face the fact that his friend had no intention whatsoever of real compromise- Flake had to know the White House would totally control and limit the FBI Investigation thereby making it impotent, neutered, no there there.

I wonder what Sen Coons thinks about how Sen Flake stands by the FBI sham investigation so much so that he now will vote yes.

Stop this right now!!!

Posted down thread for our edification is an article from the Daily Beast that has a lot of analysis and words.

The article from the Daily Beast talks about Kavanaugh- but I StOPPED reading at

"Democrats fear"

Over the many years hasn't that exactly been the problem "Democrats fear"?


This is EXACTLY the unbelievable feeling those of us who witnessed the SCOTUS stopping

the 2000 Florida vote count.

How can this be? Where are the rational minds? The 2000 election was stollen right from under our noses! Now Kavanaugh?

why aren't we having a national get out the vote rally, with entertainers and colorful speakers?

Hold on! Stop the presses! Aren't there more of us than them???

Supposedly the deplorable base is now energized because of *gasp* Naughty McNaughterson

Democrats casting shade on widdle Kavie?

Post card parties and letters to the editor are the new front in this war.


Newspapers, from Susan Collins hometown, to consertative Columbus Ohio say

Kavanaugh's very own behavior last Friday is egrious enough to not confirm him.


Today, all day, it will hinge on the FBI report.

I will continue to contact GOP Senators and hammer home that Kavanaugh showed America his temper and extreme partisanship and who he really is now, and going forward.

Per McConnell FBI report out very late tonight, and ONLY Senators will be authorized to read.

So there you have it.

I text Senators every hour. BUT who else knows that? Senators can ignor. But people in the

street is a whole different ballgame.

Much discussion about the GOP will have huge losses in November.

They don't care. Because they are about to win the lifetime World Series.

While we watch.

'Y'all know what's happening right before our very eyes? You do know, don't you?

we are being played

I have an idea. How about we move the tidy, planned in advanced, colorful, sign filled women's march scheduled for NEXT YEAR to the end of this week.

All the analysis, outrage, interesting threads, funny videos, are not laying one hand on the GOP.

If we don't rise up and meet this moment....then we have no standing to be outraged and victimized.

I guess I don't belong here. I think I joined in 2004. Maybe I don't fit in with the purpose of this forum.

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