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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,363

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Am I the only person here watching the presser from Sweden?

Has anyone here heard the President's remarks....?

Presser from Sweden..is a very clear example of why President Obama

doesn't talk to me enough.

I need to hear from him in detail, in depth, listening as he weaves historical context...

5 minutes on the run, here and there, rose garden....are not working for me.

I like it when he takes a lot of quality time to talk to me....just like he is doing right now in Sweden.

US Rep Alan Grayson via Big Ed radio..."at a minimum, a Billion dollars"

Who thinks there won't be retaliation?

What happens the day after the strike?

No one who advocates striking Syria can predict the outcome.

The law of unintended consequences at play.

What moral authority - the USA is broke, we owe every country...

The vultures are starting to circle, the smell enticing.

They are ready, once again, to collectively dive bomb and strip the flesh from the bones.

Our President is once again the period at the end of the sentence. This time the topic is not his nation of birth, or his health care plan...Now it's his foreign policy.

They are so desperate to set a big trap....for now, and 2016....

Right before our eyes, we witness in real time....a no win situation.

Please forgive my rambling...I cannot tolerate or bear to listen to one more word from the GOP, and I think I am losing it.

STOP right NOW! I am NOT a misinformed rube, I am NOT impressed with the statement

issued by the 4 Zimmerman jury member

How dare they only surface long enough to distance themselves from Juror B37-

The informed public will see right through their self serving statement.

Because it is THEIR votes in the jury room that matter..I could give a rats ass about their sorry blubbering about B37.

They better not get traction and sympathy..

Just noticed that most female commentators on MSNBC dressed in black..

I just checked, I have enough black summer clothing to last for a while....


Can a moment, generate a movement?

How long will we sit on the sidelines, wringing our hands, wiping away tears....chanting "ain't it awful, ain't it awful!" ?

If there is to be a movement, all of us will need to put skin in the game and show up.

If not now? When? What ELSE needs to happen? The gains of our LGBT brethren although promising, is not enough to make us go back into our tents.

I will stay tuned to DU, refuse to watch the talking heads, reach out to my local liberal/progressive network, and prepare to sacrifice my free time, my energy, my presence, as needed.

Are you in?

I am a white grandmother, and Trayvon is a child of my heart. I mourn all over again,

because it feels like he was killed a second time.

2 Jury members do not know that they will be dismissed,

because in Fla alternates are disclosed, and during the trial jury members do not know which are alternates.

"Me thinks the man talks too much" I will leave it to DU to decide what that means....hope damn

well the jury thought so.....
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