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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,358

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I'm no attorney, but disagree w/attorney Lisa Bloom (MSNBC) who wasn't nuts about

Bernie's closing because he asked questions.

Bernie impeached Z's testimony by using Z's own words and was able to demonstrate Z had prior intent.

IPad 3 - can anyone plz recommend an app that will stream live tv feeds?


Zimmerman's attorney, when addressing Trayvon's mother, says the word "apologize."

He apologizes to her for the loss of her son....trying to mitigate Zimmerman's answers to Hannity that were played for the jury this past week. Zimmerman when asked by Hannity, said he had no regrets, wouldn't change events of that night.

Reaaly? It's not the defense attorney who should express remorse, and I hope the prosecution makes that fact very clear in the closing statement.

Personally, I wonder why Sanford Dective Serino is no longer a dective,but now

a uniformed officer working the mid-night shift?

Per Kerry Sanders, reporting from MSNBC from Sanford Fla.

Big high powered attorney is no match for the young, can-only-read typed print,

has difficulties with cursive, scared, and clearly on the stand waaaay too long is becoming more and more sympathetic..as jury watches this badgering...

Now it's getting ugly - he really badgering her big time about her demeanor and if she knew this was a racially charged event....

Pleased dear God let her prevail!

It's been a long time, but just for the heck of it I am going to buy a box of Cheerios.

In fact, I think I will buy 4 or 5 and give them away to neighbors and my grand-kiddles.

So there.

Lois Lerner has been thrown under the bus....

The IRS had 120 employees looking at 70,000 501c(4) applications for tax free status.

Many of the applications in question were NOT tea party apps. They were doing their job in a very clumsy way....the GOP shows once again how to hammer the message.

A perfect characterization of the national media flocking to the scene of OK tornado....

"Disaster Porn"

My take-a-way from the IRS hearing is that it is mostly bogus. The IRS

had problems, Mr. Miller testified what they did about the problems, and fixed them. The Cincinnati IRS office asked IRS DC for regulation clarification, and waited for answers that didn't come for months and months.

In the meantime, the time-frame in which the Tea organizations 501(c)4 tax free status was being held up was also the time frame of IRS discovery, putting band aids on the process and making changes. Much of which has fallen through the cracks.

Mr. George, IRS Bush appointee said that he did not find any political agenda with IRS employees.

As I said earlier.....Citizens United was the monkey wrench, especially when non profits could apply.

My prediction re " The IRS Scandal". After all the blah blah blah, unturned stones,

dog and pony show of testimony....the last wet leaf in the pile of steaming compost turned over....and whoa la! Confused IRS workers thumbing through Citizen's United and IRS regs trying to figure out what to look for, how to process and whether to table the paper work or pass it on to the next department...

Remember where you heard it....
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