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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,361

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Make no mistake this act will play with some independents. Unless the Dems can knock him


Well well well...the Dems have their work cut out...let the questions begin.

Widdle Brett is ripe for the taking.....let the masters have at it.

God speed Dems....may our higher Mother be with you.

"if Dr. Ford did her civic duty by testifying then you do

your civic duty and vote!"

My new meme!

McConnell will only bring the vote to the floor...if..he...has...the...votes.

He will not let this fail on the Senate floor....

What next?

DiFi is why experience matters. Her tone and

content is blowing Gassbag out of the water.

I hope to High heaven that the Dems tie in Dr Ford's testimony with Kavanaugh's

role in smearing Vince Foster
role in smearing Monica Lewinsky
role as a favorite law clerk of a judge who passed photos, porn, through out the office

They must tie in his youthful behaviors to his questionable judgement as an adult.

Looks likes Avanatti's client is being wholly ignored by GOP.

So, what next?

MSNBC talking heads making big mistake in noting she was " present" during

a rape, they are saying she was not a victim


The talking heads are NOT saying what she personally witnessed!!

The monster is being fed at the UN. This ego stoking experience will embolden him

in ways unknown at this time. But. Be sure my sweeties.....the roaring Narcissist in chief will continue to offended, shock, and embarrass this country right up to Election Day.

Voters with short memories will no longer be the problem. Because the new, fresh outrage of the first week of November will be new and fresh in the mind of the voters.

It foreshadows a blue election tsunami.....he will do it for us. Count on it.

I finish up my volunteer voter registration this week, will continue to door knock for our Democratic slate and get out the vote among family and friends. Siting on th sideline is not an option for me.

He will do the rest.

Avanatti seemed a bit strident on Rachel last night. His afternoon hearing

in California didn't go so well. Seems as though the judge may be inclined to dismiss the defimation charges against tRump.

Yes I know that this has nothing to do with Kavanaugh, but we need a win. And I don't mean elections, I mean a double whammy win....one that directly kicks McConnall in his balls AND the next punch, in Nov.

Kavanaugh is a huge test for Avanatti and I have no earthly idea the best way to proceed.
Except that if it falls flat, it will be severely demoralizing for women voters everywhere.

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