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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,358

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For the sake of discussion, is it safe to say the very first background check of Kavanaugh

was deeply flawed?

As I understand it, subsequent background checks search for new information since the first background check.

Aren't yearbooks the old timey equilivant of today's social media?

Is it safe to say that the first background check never went back far enough?
How could it?
Was it the W Bush Justice Department that conducted the first background check?

So, when will Avanatti be invited to be interviewed?

Why hasnít this hit?

I refuse to live like this is 2000, or 2004 or Merrick Garland.....

Eyes glazed over in DISBELIEF!

We either react in force swiftly or will be victims once again.

We cannot wait for someone else to do the right thing.... f


I am now convinced that McConnell held up Merrick Garland because he knew Trump

would win.

No one will ever convince me other wise........

Is Brett Kavanaugh Criminal Complaint filed by Democratic Coalition just a stunt?

Asserting perjury:


Edited to correct organization

Do Hitkamp, Manchin, Collins, Murkowski have the same relationship with the truth

as Kavanaugh and tRump?

Will they turn their backs on patriotism and refuse to vote no?

Do they have the gravitas and backbone to acknowledge the outright lies and manipulation from Kavanaugh and the GOP leadership?

Their names will be written into perpetuity as being on the wrong side of history...

My message today for Murkowski and Collins....

With a single vote "NO" on the Kavanaugh nomination you can send your message that
you refuses to rubber stamp the tRunp presidency. Kavanaugh, like tRump, does not have a relationship with the truth. It's well past time you put on your patriot cape.

I'm emotionally exhausted, depressed and am still going to fight.

Kavanaugh is a travesty.

I hope to high heaven that the Dems read into the record, the NYT emails!

The emails are now public knowledge!

They must continue to throw as much at Kavanaugh as possible!!!


Anyone placing calls to GOP Senator's offices re Kavanaugh?

I have called
Sen Susan Collins Maine Office 207-622-8414

Sen Lisa Murkowski Anchorage Office. 907-271-3735

Please vote no. Kavanaugh is clearly not suitable nor honest.
A vote for him is your approval to stand by the GOP denying Merrick Garland a hearing.
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